EasySMX ESM-8587 Wireless Pro game controller for SWH/Windows PC

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Controller features

1) This Pro controller is compatible with the SWH console also supports Windows PC.

2) Wireless connection, lower interference, stable connecting signal.

3) One-key connecting mode for ease of handling.

4) Built-in with 380mAh polymer lithium battery, it can be continuously used for around 5h after fully charged.

5) It supports motion sensing function via built-in Gyro; supports double-shock function via built-in dual motors; supports TURBO function.

6) Up to four wireless Pro controllers can be connected to an SWH console simultaneously.

7) It can be used normally even during charging.

8)It can be upgraded by update software via connecting it to PC. 

Controller parameter reference


Reference value

Operating voltage

DC 3.7V-4.2V

Operating current


Static current


Vibrating current


USB input voltage/current

DC 5.0V/500mA

Available distance


Battery voltage/capacity


Battery power-on time

Around 5h (fully charged)

Charging time

Around 2-3h

Static time

Around 30 days

Net weight

182g (216g including a charging cable and a user guide)



Packing list

A controller, a charging cable and a user guide

Remark: The above parameters are for references only, they are subject to the actual product.