Global free shipping on every order. 

Global free shipping on every order. 

EasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming Headset
EasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming HeadsetEasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming HeadsetEasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming HeadsetEasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming HeadsetEasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming HeadsetEasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming HeadsetEasySMX 398M Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Fully compatible with PC. works with PS4, Xbox One Slim, Xbox One X, Xbox One with an adapter cable (not included); 

  • Omnidirectional noise-cancelling microphone; 

  • Ajustable headband fit snuggly with any head size. 

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PS4, XBOX One X/Slim

Multi-Platform Compatibility

HW-398M Wireless Gaming Headset works with all popular gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and smartphone via 3.5mm cable.

2.4G Wireless Transmission

Transmission distance is up to 8-10m (26-33ft) with no disconnection or distortion. Detachable noise-cancelling mic picks up clear sound, denying background noise.

in line control

Product Overview

PS4, XBOX One X/Slim

More Details

Detachable Earmuffs for Easy Cleaning

Adjustable Headband

Breathing Earmuffs

• Working Voltage: 3.5 ∼ 4.2 V
• Working Current: 75 mA
• Lithium Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
• Continuous Working Hours: 12 hours
• Charging Hours: about 5 hours
• Frequency Range: 2.400 ∼ 2.483 GHz
• Transmission Delay: 2 MHz
• Transmission Power: 3 dBm
• Receiving Frequency: -85 dBm
• Speaker Diameter: Φ40mm
• Speaker Impedance: 32 Ω
• Speaker Frequency Response: 20 ∼ 20 KHz



Why can't I connect the headset to XBox One?

For Xbox one Slim or X , you can directly connect the headset to Xbox one controller. For older version, you need to purchase an adapter that is NOT INCLUDED in the package.

Why the headset failed to pair with the transmitter?

Restart the headset and re-pair the headset with the transmitter.

Why the sound went on and off?

a. The batteries are running low, so please charge the headset.

b. There are some signal interfering. Please keep the headset and transmitter away from wireless devices such as router.

c. Update the transmitter. Click:

Why can't the headset hold a charge?

Check if the light turns while charging. If no, please use a different USB cable. If it still not working, please contact

Why isn't the microphone working?

a. If you are using smartphone, then please use a 3.5mm cable.

b. The device the headset is connected to has something wrong in the setting. Please watch the video above to get it right.

c. The mic button is not turned on.

d. The microphone is broken.  Please contact

The audio quality is so poor?

Using optical fiber cable and USB cable for connection would bring great audio quality.

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