Easysmx 9101 Home Button bug - Help needed

  • Hello guys,


    when I want to connect my easysmx 9101 controller with my samsung tab and smartphone via otg thats easy

    but when ever i want to change the controller into the android mode via Homebutton, the home button starts the google assistant! Do you have any solutions?


    Best Regards


  • @Hoang Ngo uh just hold the button a few seconds to change the mode. Every single phone is different so i can't answer why that happen on your samsung phone because i use that controller on windows 10 and works perfect. So try hold home button a few seconds, check the manual and tell me if you solved it 🎮🐴

  • @Jink 999 thank you for reply!

    With my laptop I can switch easily the mode but not with my Samsung devices... When I hold the home button on my Samsung tab it just open the Google assistant and won't switch the mode 

  • @Jink 999 I have a easysmx 9110 controller too. There I can't use the switch and turbo button at all... Do you have any suggestions here too? 

  • @Hoang Ngo hm are you sure that your samsung is compatible with otg? and for example the esm9110 behind the controller, in the stick are an hole where are the reset button, try grab an needle or something, an pin, and press that button for reset the controller. i don´t know what else you can do... i just know that a few androids arent compatible with otg

  • @Jink 999 yes my Samsung supports 100% otg

    Well for the 9110 I tried the reset button but it doesn't help.. I guess I got a defective one :(

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