ESM-9100 turbo mod activated without switch turbo button in game

  • hello

    when i play online game (mortal kombat 11) turbo mod activated without i press turbo  button

    how i can definitively desactivate turbo mode.?

    i 'm note interested  by turbo mod.

    thanks by advance

    best regards

  • @vincent BERNARD i will do an tutorial video about soon.

    That's an common error/mistake because probably you activated turbo mode with more than one button.

    If the light still red on your right joystick, please press buttons one by one to see with witch ones the light get flicker. And when you find them one by one hold it and press turbo for cancel one by one.

    If you do it well your joystick light turns blue again.

    Good day ­čĺĽ

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