ESM-9110 Constant flashing of blue lights

  • Hi,

    Using the controller on Android it was working for about a week, but now its not working at all, started randomly constant flashing of the blue led lights in game or just randomly navigating emulators/apps.

    Tried resetting it but its just constant now and is unusable.  Is there anyway to fix it?




  • @Paul Ronane yes i have a few suggestions but i don´t really know if it can help because it never happened to me.
    1. i don´t know if you are having an purple/pink light on your right joystick that would mean it is on M button to assing.
    2. if its just red its because the turbo mode is active
    3. as you are describing looks like on update drivers mode...i just saw that on sl-9111 which i have too.
    4. last thing that i can suggest is reset your controller, look behind controller ,there are an stick and an hole where you can use an pin or something for press that button into that hole for can reset your controller :3 

  • @Jink 999 looks like number 3 above is what they recommend to fix it.  Constant flashing blue lights, the software version udpate is less than the version I had already on it.

    It still doesnt work all the time unfortunately, i have to plug out and in the dongle from time to time:

    This is the upgrade doogle link:
    Upgrade program download steps:
    1. Click to the link
    2. Download the file
    3. Unzip the file
    Upgrade steps:
    1. Double-click to open the software first
    2. Plug in the doogle after opening the software
    3. Click to download the program
    4. After the download is successful, re-plug the doogle and then connect the handle

  • @Paul Ronane and what about reset the controller as first day with the button behind the controller? :c

  • Tried that loads of times, it doesnt work.

  • @Paul Ronane ohm then im so sorry, im not an support worker to can solve all problems, just user helping to other user and i see that here are posts from 4 days ago and the people who should solve this topics non appear here, just me and that is no good Cx

  • Is the handle not connected after the receiver upgrade?

  • the dongle is connected to the usb port.  It still flashes randomly in games, and then i need to plug everything out and restart.  Its extremely frustrating.

  • @Antetokounmpo Giannis what do you mean is the handle not connected?  The controller is connected wirelessly via the USB dongle, it just keeps flashing randomly in games and doesn't respond.

  • @Paul Ronane do you have another usb-c cable in home? Cuz the esm9110 cable is just charge cable :(

  • I am sure i do but will any other one work?  i have used the one that came with it to plug in directly. 

  • @Paul Ronane Hm yea but the cable of 9110 is only charge cable cuz it's wireless, anyways, our admin and everyone is in holidays until 5th so we're sorry cuz we try help with soft topics but have to wait for @xayah :( in my part I'll report the drivers topic because have no sense that ones are lower version than controllers have

  • I actually have 3 easysmx controller:

    Easysmx KC 8236


    Easysmx 9310

    OFF TOPIC: something i have noticed with the other controllers is that they dont map correctly for the mupen64plus az emulator, only mariokart64 works, when I try to play Doom/Duke Nukem/Goldeneye the d-pad and analog-stick get jumbled, weaponry selection and moving left or right has the same effect for the stick/d-pad depending on the input mode.

  • @Paul Ronane i use project64 qwq

  • @Paul Ronane Your controller version is higher than the upgrade app, so you'll need to hold down the Shift key while you upgrade, and see if it works.

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