Future EasySmx controller ideas and suggestions

  • As we know EasySmx are working on an New controller model and i would like to know your ideas and suggestions about. I have a few ideas and i would like to let you know 🙂.

    As we know ,esm 9110 , esm 4108 and sl 9111 have lights on the buttons but for example esm 4108 is an nintendo switch controller with nintendo buttons right? But the lights of the buttons are... Xbox colours

    This means A button is red, b button is green, y button is blue and x button is yellow

    And could be cool add on the mode button , change the button lights position, turning x-y and a-b lights on swapped colors (y would turn blue and x yellow) 

    Also i would change the M buttons position. Into my eyes m1 and m2 aren't in comfortable position like m3 and m4, i guess that everyone just use that 2 only because are enough.

    What's your opinion about? Would you like can swap the lights with the mode button too? As nintendo-xbox xbox-nintendo? :)



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