ESM 9101 - Failed Update

  • Dear support team,

    I followed this post:

    and updated my controller dongle. 

    But the update failed.

    I did the following:

    1. Download the updater software from the post

    2. Startet the program

    3. Plugged in the dongle

    4. Hit the 'Update' button.


    I got the message: 'Chechsum Error'

    and now I have this picture:


    Can you help me?


    I reset the controller.

    I unplugged the dongle and plugged it it.

  • @Alexander Lauf hm i saw other user who had same problem with other controller...tried to put drivers but the drivers from the download are old than their actual controller update. Someone have to check it but are in holidays until Monday.. hope can fix it

  • yea my bad, our admin return 5th may :C

  • Administrator

    @Alexander Lauf Hi friend, when this picture pop up, pls hold the "shift" button and click to download the driver,( pls keep in mind not to lose the "shift" button)

  • Thank you, @Xayah.

    Holding down the "Shift" button and pressing "Update" successfully installed the update. Now the controller and dongle work.

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