ESM-9110 not syncing with Windows 10 Pro laptop

  • I purchased the ESM-9110 controller and have followed the instructions provided and downloaded the driver however the controller is not recognised by my laptop and after pressing the home button, the four LED lights flash but then nothing happens.

    Any advice would be great thanks!

  • @Jonathan Williams i suggest try connect the dongle usb in other port and try connect your controller with another usb-c cable type if u have other in home for check if its the controller or the dongle problem :3

  • @Jonathan Williams Does the receiver light come on when you plug it into the computer?


  • Hi guys, thanks for the advice! I tried a different cable and the controller works now, but only when connected via the wire! Still can't get it to work wirelessly! If you guys have any more tips that would be amazing!

  • Administrator

    @Jonathan Williams Hi friend, Does the indicator of the receiver/dongle light on when you plug it into the USB port? Or does it flash quickly?

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