Controler ESM-9110 works with steam but not ingame

  • I just bought an ESM-9110.

    Yesterday I followed the installation procedure with the dongle, worked perfectly in game. Ended with an empty battery.

    today the pad is recognized in steam (can navigate through big picture, and even check the joysticks) but not in game (multiple games tried) ???

    I downloaded the latest drivers, tried again no luck.

    I tried with a USB C cable (a real one not a charge one supplied with the pad), no luck.

    I tried reseting the pad with a pin behind, no luck.


    Only strange sign is yesterday top and bottom led row were on, and today middle rows are on. is there anything I forgot to do ?

  • @Baptiste Soury Hi, buddy. Press the MODE button for five seconds to switch lights.

  • @Baptiste Soury The lights on the first row and the fourth row will be recognized by STEAM as XBOX controllers, and you can control the game in STEAM, of course not all games.

  • @Baptiste Soury Have you solved your problem?

  • Hello, I hope you have solved your problem and everything is working now.
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