Windows Suddenly not seeing ESM-9013 as Xbox controller

  • Hi all,

    My ESM-9013 is suddenly not working in the only Steam game I play (Dead By Daylight). Windows Device Manager has started picking it up under Human Interface Devices as a HID-compliant game controller, instead of seeing it as a 360 controller for Windows.

    The controller appears to work when testing in the game controller calibration, but nowhere else.

    I have unistalled the previously installed 64 bit driver and reinstalled it, then ran the dongle updater. Rebooting between each step.

    Previously appeared in Device Manager, etc like the following:

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  • Hi, did U find a fix for this? I am having the same issue

  • bro me to wtf i tried uninstlal reinstlal drivver man i steped on cord earlier thaught that did it but now i also see everything is working fine under device manager wtf is happening i cant play forza with my fuckin keyboard and im somone that spends hrs playing  nowi cant even enjoy my day off 

  • No fix found, unfortunately.

    Using Steam in Big Picture mode does help with controllers working in game menus but not when playing the game itself (only tested with Dead By Daylight).

  • Ever since the windows Update the Esm-9013 have stopped being recognized Has a 360 Controller..Ive tested it out and both my Esm-9013 controllers are now somewhat usesless but my Esm-9110 Still Works, Hopefully there wil be a fix to this.

  • having the exact same issue... its been giving me a hue headache trying to figure out what was wrong thank goodness its not just me hopefully someone finds a fix soon

  • I'm almost happy that i've found people encountering the same issue 😆 anyway the problem is annoying indeed; each time i start Windows 10 i have to unplug the dongle and plug it in again. If i forgot this operation, the gamepad keeps on flashing slowly 4/4 led, no matter what i do or push. Hope someone will find a fix ASAP 🧐

  • @Alex Underwood I recently bought the smx9110 controller, and although steam recognised it as a xbox one controller, I was not able to use it at all. I unticked the xbox extended feature support option. Which removed the steam driver. Now, finally I am able to use it with steam games. Although yours seems to be more complex, maybe this might help some others, who, like me aren't tech savvy.

  • @Alex Underwood Have you solved this problem?

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