KC 8236 flashing connection problem

  • Hello, i'm having a issue with my kc 8236 since i just bought it yestarday and it worked fine at the beggining, but now everytime on Fifa i have it on x input and it works just fine, but sometimes it starts flashing and stops working for like 2-3 seconds and then goes back into x input and works again , and it does it constantly. 

    I have tried to   download the drivers.

    It's fully charged i left it over night . 

    Changed the usb port.

    Can someone help me quick since i'm thinking of returning it and i don't want to return it if it's a simple fix.

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    Hello,according to your description, the reason may be that your wireless connection is disturbed during use and the connection is unstable.
    You can try to plug the receiver in the front facing the handle, and at the same time, if there are other wireless devices such as mobile phones, routers, etc., put them farther away. Or if you are a wireless keyboard and mouse, it is recommended not to use them at the same time.

  • @EasySMX Hi, I'm having almost the same problem. Except my connector don't stop flashing anymore, it was next from the wireless usb, so o brought it to the other pc without any wireless thing next, soon i saw this article, but it's still flashing and isn't connecting with any controller. I bought last month two controllers KC-8236.


    Changed the usb port and pc. Controller is connecting well with my other connector.


    All my connectors and controllers are from Easymx.

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