Steam detects my ESM-9110 as a Nintendo switch pro controller

  • So ive been having this issue on and off since I bought this controller and it really is starting to make me regret my purchase.

    whenever I try to connect the controller either before starting steam or after steam is open the controller will either be detected and immediatly start vibrating upon a button press and then it will continue to vibrate indefinitely. 


    I went into the controller configuration options in steam and found that the controller has been detected as a Nintendo switch pro controller which obviosuly is incorrect. It should be detected as an Xbox controller. 


    I have redownloaded and installed the drivers provided by the manufacturer but it still doesnt work. 

    It occasionally does work. Sometimes I have to remove the bluetooth dongle and re-insert it nut lately this hasnt been effective.

    Can any one please help me as this is the only controller I have and the least it should be able to do is play games?


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    @John Webster Hello,you can try this method:Long press mode button to switch mode, make the upper two indicators light up.

  • @EasySMX Did you actually read his statement? You responded with the exact opposite if what he wants.


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