I cant turn my easysmx 9110 back to xinput mode

  • My ESM-9110 is stuck on Nintendo switch mode, it went to this mode after plugging it into a USB 3.0 port. how do I return it to xinput mode

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    Press MODE button for seconds until LED1 and LED4 remain illuminated.

  • Hey,

    I've got the same issue. Seems to be related to Steam somehow.

    Lately my controller is falsely detected as Nintendo Switch Pro Controller by Steam. Pressing the MODE Button doesn't work, even if I press it for like 2minutes theres nothing going to happen.

    Restarting Controller/PC, pushing Reset, installing drivers for ESM 9110, none of this worked so far.

  • @EasySMX This literally does nothing. At all. I am having the same problem, it locks into Switch mode, making it useless for PC use. Restarting the PC, removing the dongle until controller turns off, the reset button. So many combinations of the things. I've had it get stuck like this before, but I was able to get it fixed by removing the dongle, letting everything sleep, then sticking dongle back in and starting controller. Which doesn't work anymore.

    And that mode button. It does nothing. No matter how long you hold it. No matter what combination you try pushing it in. The button, that you are supposed to hold to change modes, doesn't actually change modes. I noticed this on a previous EasySMX controller I had too.

  • same problem here, only LED 1 is lit, mode button does not change it.

    The problem appeared even while directly connected via USB cable.

    Please provide us with a solution, otherwise the controler is good. But right now i cannot use it

  • my controller too. Help me

  • @Baptiste Soury  you

    can you solve it?
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  • @EasySMX help me,

    I have the same problem.

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    @Bruno Bruno This situation is platform-dependent. It is automatically recognized as a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you can change it to a generic XBOX controller in the Steam settings

  • Hello! I have the same problem. The controller is stuck in Switch mode. As a result, the controller is unavailable in Unity. Sometimes when connected, it turns on like an Xbox, but then switches back to Switch. Long pressing the Home button does not help. What to do?

  • Same for me :(

    Didn't use my ESM-9110 for around 6 months. I used it with PC only. When I turn it on, only LED 1 is lit(if dongle is plugged). Mode button does not work. Turn off/on does not help. It is stuck in LED 1 mode.

    Is there a reset combination?

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