ESM-9110 Stuck on Nintendo Mode

  • Hi,

    Recently my controller got stuck on nintendo mode (led1 and led3) because of the steam recognize as nintendo controller.

    I did press mode button to reset back to Xinput but still stuck on nintendo mode (all suggestion related to this thread is just like this but this way is not solving the problem). Did reset using reset button on the back of my controller, nothing happen. Restart PC and remove device from device in windows, still stuck on nintendo.

    So right now when trying to play xbox game the input isnt recognize.

    Any other suggestion on this?


  • Hello! I have the same problem. The controller is stuck in Switch mode. As a result, the controller is unavailable in Unity. Sometimes when connected, it turns on like an Xbox, but then switches back to Switch. Long pressing the Home button does not help. What to do?

  • @pend l Have you solved your problem?

  • @pend loctordle Switch mode is stuck on the controller. Because of this, the controller can't be used in Unity. When it's connected, it sometimes starts up like an Xbox but then goes back to being a Switch. Pressing the Home button for a long time doesn't help. How to act? 

  • Same issue when I play on Steam games for example... The only way to fix this is to connect with an USB cabe but not the cable provide with the controller... Personnaly I use the cable of my Steelseries Headset. Then the controller is recognize like : 

    • Xbox one controller if LED 1 and 4 is glowing solid
    • a STK-7024X generic controller if LED 2 and 3 is glowing solid
    • an ESM controller 1.07 if LED 1 and 3 is glowing solid


    To change the config, just hold the MODE button like 6 or 7 sec.

    Another thing, it's impossible to switch mode (Xinput or Dinput) in wireless.


    Any fix to have a Xbox mode on the controler when we are in wireless ?????


    EDIT : Damn after 3 unplugged / plugged the dongle and use 2 differents USB port, the controler is now recognize like Xbox One controller O_o

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    @Malkoms Hello,

    On the Steam platform, the EasySMX 9110 controller is recognized as a Switch controller, you can modify it to XBOX general mode in STEAM-settings.

  • No you can't, just read more my post....

    In fact, Steam detect the controller like a Switch controller when it connect by wireless and then if I plug it with a USB cable, Steam detect it like a Xbox controller.... But after plug/unplug the dongle about 3 times, Steam detect it like a Xbox controller and I don't know why....

    It's impossible to set a controller like an Xbox if Steam detect it like a Switch controller for example...  detection mode of Steam is automatic.


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    @Malkoms Please try another computer, if it still doesn't solve your problem, then your USB dongle is broken.

  • Like I said, after plug and unplug 3 times the USB dongle, my controller is detect like a Xbox controller !!!!!!!!!!!

    So I didn't have any issue but I just want to alert you and the community that sometimes it's not working on the first time !!!

    Am I clear enought ?????

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