ESM-9110 R2 button not working propperly and right analog light flashing

  • When i press the R2 button it has a flash response, like i´m pressing it many times very quickly, and the right analog light turns red and flashes in a way that indicates the response of the R2 button...

    This happened once, and then i charged it, the next day it worked fine, but after a while it happened again, i charged it again, but the problem came back after using it for just 1 hour...

    The analog light flashes when i press R2 even if the controler isn't connected and even if the controler is charging...

    What might be causing this, and how can i solve it?


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    This is to set the burst function, only need to cancel the burst function. Operation method: find the button with the burst function, press and hold the TURBO button, and then press the button with the burst function. The indicator light turns blue

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