IcyEyes L1 Wireless 2.4G Review

  • So i'm thinking of buying IcyEyes L1 Wireless 2.4G but i live in Pakistan so i cannot order it from this website but i found it on Daraz is an local online store also if i buy via savyour i will get cashback and discount so if any of you is using this headphones let me know!

  • The EasySMX gaming headset connects wirelessly at 2.4GHz. 33-foot connection range, 15-millisecond latency, and uncompressed audio. The EasySMX gaming headset puts simulated 7.1 surround sound straight in your ears thanks to 2.40mm bitlife neodymium speakers in each ear cup. For all-day comfort, the large, perforated over-the-ear earcups are trimmed with plush memory foam. With the two noise-canceling microphones that the EasySMX PC Wireless Headset has, your voice is caught in all directions while background noise is reduced. 

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