EasySMX 9100 moving itself

  • Hello, both of my EasySMX 9100 move in one direction constantly.
    How can I fix that?
    Can 9100 be calibrated?

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    Dear Toby,

    1. Please press the back button and the start button at the same time, when the No. 1 light flashes slowly, enter the calibration mode
    2. Put the two joysticks in the center, short press the A button to calibrate the center value of the joysticks, at this time the No. 2 light will flash slowly
    3. Rotate the left and right joysticks a few times, short press the A button to calibrate the stroke of the joystick, the No. 3 light is on, and then the MCU automatically resets, and the joystick is calibrated successfully at this time.


    Have a nice day


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