New ESM 9101 Dongle issues

  • Old dongle broke


    Controller on 1.02 Driver


    I imagine my new dongle is a newer driver.


    Controller wont connect to dongle.


    Plz help

  • Hi,


    I'm having a very similar issue. My old dongle broke as well, ordered a new one twice meanwhile, but both do not work. I suspect it to be the version as well, but don't know it for sure. My controller is on 1.06, at least that's what shown if I plug it via USB. Is there a dongle updater for every version somewhere?



  • @Andreas van de Langenberg looks like there is not, looks like the drivers are fairly universal, but they should definitely make old driver versions available. It also looks like the controller driver that they posted does not apply to the esm 9101. We need the mods to send us a custom driver.

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