• I recently bought easysmx 9110 2.4G model. It works well on PC but on Switch it's something else. It syncs and connects but:
    ○ I did nothing in the manual to connect it. The 4 led sync didn't happened

    ○ The programmable button system does not work. buttons are already assigned  in random buttons for no reason.

    ○ Turbo mode and MODE button aren't working

    ○ the re-mapping of the buttons to go from A -> B , X -> Y does not work anymore, in the previous models. It worked fine by only pressing the MODE button for 5s. I tried to remap this in my console settings but I cant confirm.

    So is the problem solvable or the controller is definitively not compatible with Nintendo Switch? please help me.

    Thanks for paying attention for my topic


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    Hi,The ESM-9110 controller needs to use an OTG adapter to connect to the Switch. The controller lights up and LED1 lights up. Please try again.

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