• I recently bought easysmx 9110 2.4G model. It works well on PC but on Switch it's something else. It syncs and connects but:
    ○ I did nothing in the manual to connect it. The 4 led sync didn't happened

    ○ The programmable button system does not work. buttons are already assigned  in random buttons for no reason.

    ○ Turbo mode and MODE button aren't working

    ○ the re-mapping of the buttons to go from A -> B , X -> Y does not work anymore, in the previous models. It worked fine by only pressing the MODE button for 5s. I tried to remap this in my console settings but I cant confirm.

    So is the problem solvable or the controller is definitively not compatible with Nintendo Switch? please help me.

    Thanks for paying attention for my topic


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    Hi,The ESM-9110 controller needs to use an OTG adapter to connect to the Switch. The controller lights up and LED1 lights up. Please try again.

  • Hi, I tried using OTG as per your instructions but the problem is still not solved


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  • The controller is easy to install - just plug in the USB and let it do the work. (It might ask for your permission depending on your PC settings trap the cat, but it’s far simpler than my last PC game controller.) The button/joystick sensitivity is perfect and easy to use. It’s not super-sensitive like some third-party controllers I’ve used before.

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  • Check if the controller comes with dedicated software or app that allows you to customize the buttons. If yes, install it on your Bitlife PC and try to reprogram the buttons according to your preference. Also make sure the controller is in Switch compatibility mode when programming.

  • It seems like you are experiencing some issues with your EasySMX 9110 2.4G controller when using it with your Nintendo Switch. While I can't provide specific troubleshooting steps for this particular controller, I can offer some general suggestions: geometry dash

    1. Check compatibility: Ensure that the EasySMX 9110 2.4G controller is indeed compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Review the product specifications or contact the manufacturer for confirmation.

    2. Firmware and updates: Check if there are any firmware updates available for your controller. Updating the firmware can sometimes resolve compatibility issues and improve functionality.

    3. Reset and re-sync: Try resetting the controller and re-syncing it with your Nintendo Switch. Follow the instructions provided in the controller's manual or contact the manufacturer for specific guidance.

    4. Contact customer support: If the issues persist, reach out to EasySMX customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide further troubleshooting steps or determine if there are any known compatibility issues with the Nintendo Switch.

    It's important to note that not all third-party controllers are guaranteed to be fully compatible with all gaming consoles. Compatibility can vary depending on the specific controller model and console.

  • I also had this problem but not all until I updated to the new version of pizza tower and I think some of the suggestions here are very helpful.

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