EasySMX 9101 (ESM-9101-EU) not reconnecting after PC power off

  • • EasySMX 9101 (ESM-9101-EU) connects to Windows 10 PC no problem on first install. 2 top red LEDs on. Perfect.

    • After PC RESTART controller reconnects perfectly with single press of middle logo button. 2 top red LEDs on. Perfect.

    • PROBLEM: After PC POWER OFF, then power back on, controller will not reconnect: I press the middle logo button and then all 4 red LEDs flash slowly. I can press all controller buttons but nothing will connect controller to PC.

    • SOLUTION: I have to physically disconnect the USB dongle for 1-2 seconds then plug back in. Once I do this controller reconnects perfectly. 2 top red LEDs on.

    I have tried many solutions to fix this problem:

    • Re-installling Xbox 360 Windows drivers

    • Try different/new controller

    • Disable power management for all USB devices in Device Manager

    • Delete/uninstall all old/unused USB drivers and devices

    The problem seems to be related to the drivers: On first install and after PC restart the device is listed as "GAME FOR WINDOWS" — this is when the controller works/connects perfectly. But after PC power off the device is listed as "PC USB CONTROLLER" — this is when all 4 red LEDs on the controller flash slowly.

    Please help! Thank you

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    @Josh Wilson

    Hello, Follow the tutorial in the video, turn off the power saving and try again.


  • @EasySMX Thank you for the video, but as I already mentioned in my previous post, I have already tried the Power Management method for USB Root Hub. I unchecked the box and tried again but the controller still does not reconnect when I press the middle logo button.

    Can you tell me what 4 flashing red LEDs means please? They flash slowly; not fast like when trying to connect as normal. And the red LED on the dongle does not flash at this point; it stays solid red as though it has found a connection (no blinking).

    Thank you

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    Hello, Please download the upgrade package first


    Next, please follow the steps below to upgrade your USB dongle of EasySMX 9110

    1.Open the upgrade software as shown below

    2.Insert the receiver into the USB port of the computer, press the HOME button to make the channel light flash rapidly, and the channel LED1+LED2 are always on, then the pairing is successful. Press and hold the HOME button until LED1+LED3 are always on, click START to start the upgrade

    3.After the upgrade is successful, the upgrade software will accumulate the number of

  • The suggestions here are very detailed, I fixed the problem.

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