EasySMX 9013 on Tesla car

  • Hello,


    I have an issue with one game pad EasySMX 9013 on Tesla, but not with the second.

    After some research I found this webpage with Dongle Updater information : https://www.easysmx.com/community/forum/topic/29686/esm-9013-stuck-in-ps3-mode-left-upper-led-and-not-recognized-as-xinput-controller


    When I launch the updater and connect my first game pad (which have an issue), the version is V1.10. (But OK on Windows computer)

    If I do the same thinks with the second (which one is OK), then the version is V1.07.


    So I think the version V1.10 is not compatible with Tesla drivers.

    Then I would like to downgrade the version of the dongle. But the Updater tool forbid me to do it.

    Someone have an idée how to downgrade the dongle version ?


    Best reagards,


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    @Emilien Morel Hello,

    Please download V1.07 software to your computer https://bit.ly/3MOXwli, then
    Turn it on, plug the receiver into the computer, the computer will automatically recognize the model and version, downgrade the version needs to hold down the keyboard SHIFT key, and then click Update to start downgrading, OK, recognized as version 1.07 is successful

  • It's working. Thanks for your help !

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  • Hello same issue for me today with 9013 in 1.10 version. Downgrade to 1.07 but the controller isn't recognized by the car. The controller is instantly coupled,  led 1, but doesn't work... thanks for your help.

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