Easy SMX ESM-4108 Issue

  • So starting off by saying they are still working great on Switch themselves

    I've been using the 4108s for about a year and a half now (4 of them)

    Recently in the past couple of days, they are just not being recognised by steam as a controller anymore. I am connecting by Bluetooth which used to work, but not anymore. They connect to windows Bluetooth and seem to appear to have axis control there, but will not connect to steam at all


    Any help would be great


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    @Alexander Hardacre Hello, ESM-4108s is a Nintendo Switch controller. if you use on PC , just can use usb cable to connect pc,Bluetooth can only be used to connect to the Switch.

  • Oh, that's what I wanted to ask too. Fortunately, there was an answer from the staff.


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  • I have the same thoughts and questions as you, I'm glad you got a very reasonable answer to the question.

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