Trouble Making a Connection on the SL-9111

  • I recently purchased the SL-9111 controller but am having trouble getting it to connect.

    When I turn on my PC (while the controller is plugged in), neither XInput nor DirectInput is selected by default (not even by pressing the Mode button for 5 seconds). There is a lack of illumination from the XInput (lamps 1 and 2) and DirectInput (lamps 1 and 3 or 1-3) toggle switches.
    To get this to work, I have to unplug the controller from the USB port while the computer is on and then reconnect it. Once I press the mode button, the input mode changes from XInput (lamps 1-2 light up) to DirectInput (lamps 1-3 light up).
    After booting Windows 10, I check the game controller properties and see that the PC recognizes the controller; however, neither XInput nor DirectInput is selected, and there is no indicator light for the mode. To switch between XInput and DirectInput modes, I constantly have to remove and re-insert the controller from the USB port.
    The controller is recognized, but the mode cannot be changed; I have never had this problem with any other controller, and it does not appear to be my fault or the fault of my computer.

    I appreciate your time and consideration, and I hope you can assist me.                      stumble guys

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