Firmware 9124 reinstall help

  • Hey, Need help
    My 9124 controller is not working the triggers, my brother-in-law was playing switch sports and must have updated the controller
    Then it stopped both my controllers so I'm pretty sure it was a firmware update error If you have someone to help me, a program to update and/or reinstall the factory firmware

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    @Everton Santos  

    Follow these steps to calibrate your controls
    1. In the shutdown state, press the "+" key + TURBO key + HOME button to enter the calibration mode.
    2. Indicator LED1+LED3, LED2+LED4 flash alternately
    3. R3D, L3D slowly turn two turns, L2, R2 slowly press to the end.
    4. Press the "-" key to exit the calibration

    You can also refer to this video


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