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COOL 2000 Gaming Headphone for PC/PS4/New Xbox One

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  • Works with PC/PS4/New Xbox One/Nintendo Switch;
  • Three dynamic LED lighting mode; 
  • Over-large ear cups and adjustable headband for comfortable fit. 

Last time this product was bought: 07/22/2018

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High Performance Gaming-level Sound 

Adppts 50mm driver unit with wide range. Specialized audio tuning allows for multi-layered sound with fine details and minimal sound distortion.

Works with Multiple  Platforms  

With 3.5mm speaker input interface, 3.5mm MIC output interface and standard USB port, the headset works flawlessly on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, so whatever platform you're playing on, you can plug in your headset and get gaming.

For Pro and Long Time Gamers 

Self-adjustable headband, large ear cups and super light weight make it a perfect choice for long time gamers, fit their demands of hours of comfortable gaming. 

The soft mic delivers clear pickup with slightest background noise and can be twisted to any angle you like.

With USB powered, you can turn on/off the mic as you like with a single press of mic button. 

easysmx cool 2000 gaming headset mic

Panted 3-mode LED Lighting Design

Switch between 3 different modes of led lighting with a single button

Constant/breathing/spinning (watch the demo video)

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Data sheet

Compatible Platforms
PC, PS4, New Xbox One, Mobile phone, Nintendo Switch
3.5 mm audio cable + USB
229 mm, 9.00 in
103 mm, 4.00 in
201 mm, 7.91 in
328 g, 0.72 lbs

3-mode LED lighting display

COOL 2000 Game Headset Trailer

Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 6 customer reviews

Okay Headset, Nothing Special

I am a pretty active gamer and enjoy having a nice headset. This headset is okay. The universally connectable feature is great. I love being able to use the same headset for pc, xbox, etc. However, the headset doesn't have much benefit after that. The sound quality is alright. It isn't the most comfortable set of headsets. I would say I would recommend these headsets for the mere $22 but, if you are looking for some HQ headsets this one isn't one.

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Top Quality Headset ... Budget Price!!!

I am a streamer and a gamer, this headset is wonderful, I have had many a headset and I tell you this from the moment you feel thus headset you know its going to be good I'll list pros and cons then add my thoughts... <br /> PROS<br /> Strong braided wire, decent length<br /> Easily manipulated headphones, <br /> Great noise canceling ear cups,<br /> Fairly good mic for cost,<br /> Mute button, <br /> Volume control<br /> LED control<br /> And my fave is the LED mic light <br /> <br /> CONS <br /> Not many cons here but here we go...<br /> No window on box to see package as it arrives, <br /> No ability to tighten straps on head, (it doesn't need thus tbf but for me I would have liked that,<br /> No bass boost.<br /> <br /> Soooo that's my pros and cons, they are my personal thoughts now to the good bit... I tried these out today and love the sound quality, not gonna lie but with a base boost these could be on par with the top brand names out there, I love the clarity of sound coming from the ear cups and also how well the cups block your surrounding noise out, the headset itself is sturdy and can be manipulated quite well as in it can bend etc so no worry of a broken head band here! <br /> <br /> I like that the volume control, mic mute button and LED control is all on left ear cup, I didn't think it would be good but as a streamer and gamer its fantastic and so easy to mute mid stream or mid game if something popped up IRL in my case my 2 kids lol, <br /> my biggest love on this headset tho is the mic light, there's a little light at end of the mic boom and when u mute the mic it goes off, now that's nothing to most people but if ur a gamer and streamer you will know what its like being muted n chatting with friends or team mates, then realising your muted n have to repeat EVERYTHING lol, but this light, such a simple addition is super effective, and a great visual aid.<br /> <br /> Overall I feel this headset is worth every penny, its strong, sturdy, clear, and higher quality of some others out there at same cost, EASYSMX have done wonders with this and I think many gamers and streamers will appreciate this product very much. Great job.

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This headphone is worked well, good value for its price, and I recommend it if someone need to wear for long time.

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Ottimo prodotto

Le cuffie sono alimentate tramite JACK sia per l’audio che per il microfono, con la possibilità di collegare il cavo USB per illuminarle. Il microfono è concepito in modo da cancellare i rumori esterni, offrendo conversazioni chiare e limpide, senza interferenze. Come da foto uno dei due padiglioni include sia il pulsante per attivare o meno il LED che il microfono, oltre la manopola per la gestione del volume.<br /> <br /> Purtroppo però non è presente la classica console di comando da dove gestire il tutto, per tanto bisogna ricorrere ai pulsanti collocati su una delle cuffie, tolto questo piccolo inconveniente, le cuffie offrono un’ottimo comparto audio, naturalmente non aspettatevi bassi superlativi ma il lavoro per cui sono state concepite viene svolto egregiamente al prezzo richiesto.<br /> <br /> Grazie alla tecnologia Plug and Play basta collegarle al PC per utilizzarle fin da subito. Nella confezione troverete un comodo adattatore dal duplice jack femmina, con il quale potete collegare sia le cuffie che il microfono allo stesso ingresso.<br /> <br /> Le cuffie sono regolabili a seconda delle proprie esigenze, allargandosi o restringendosi all’occorrenza, grazie ad un’apposito sistema. Realizzate con materiale di alta qualità, rivolte a coloro che sudano spesso, compatibili anche con PS4 e Xbox One.

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starsSuper soft headband and cool LED light control

The EasySMX COOL 2000 has insane good sound for the price. I especially like the headband and how soft it is. The blue lights can change from breathing, to solid to low and off. Its a nice touch that you don't see very often. I have never head a headset with the option to change the type of light. Another feature that you don't see too often on gaming headsets is the microphone control on the earpiece that you can turn off and on. The indicator that your mic is on or off is on the mouthpiece itself. When its off the light turns off, thats especially cool at night. Over all this is a great headset that I get to enjoy for an incredible price.

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