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EasySMX G2000 PC Gaming Headset

  • Compatible with PC and PS4 console; 
  • Include a 2-in-1 adapter. 

Crystal Clear Performance

It features large 50mm neodymium driver units for studio-grade stereo sound with deep bass, perfect for gaming, calls, music and movies. With earcups and driver units aligned perfectly to your ear, it guarantees top quality sound at home and on the go.

Extremely Comfortable

It uses exclusive ear cushions that combine leather and memory foam to ensure ultimate comfort without compromising audio quality. The ergonomic oval shape deliver better sound insulation and improved comfort ― so they're perfect for marathon gaming sessions.

On-cable Controls

Without the hassle of external apps, quick access to the volume and microphone control from the cable. Mute or turn on the microphone in a second simply with your fingertips.

Bendable Microphone

The built-in bendable microphone allows you to adjust your optimized speaking spot when discussing the in-game strategy with your team or calling friends. It is also free to fold up when not in use.

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Data sheet

Length of Cable
2.2 m, 7.22 ft
50 mm
Speaker Sensitivity
114 dB
Speaker Frequency Response
20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Speaker Impedance
32 Ohm
Microphone Polar Pattern
Microphone Sensitivity
-34 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone Impedance
2200 Ohm
215 mm, 8.46 in
210 mm, 8.27 in
115 mm, 4.53 in
380 g, 0.84 lbs
Box Content
1 x G2000 Gaming Headset, 1 x User Manual
New product

Q: Can these be used with xbox360 or is it possible to buy a converter/adaptor?

A: It can be done via adapter I believe, but as PC and XBOX gamer I advice you to get one specifically for Xbox. Considering a working adapter will cost about £20 it won't be much more expensive if not cheaper. 

Q: Can I ask has anyone tried this with the new style xbox one controller with the phono jack I need to know if it will work before I buy.

A: They do indeed work with the xbox one but you will need a jack plug spliter to use both the mic and headset.

EasySMX G2000 | BEST! Stereo Gaming Headset | Unboxing

Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews

Cheap price great product

My headset was going bad so I got these because of the price and I was a bit worried they wouldn't be good but honestly I was surprised at how good the sound quality and microphone are. What left me really impressed was when I tested my Kraken headphones these G2000 had a better clearer sounding microphone. My biggest problem with headphones is comfortability and these are really comfortable. I've been gaming and watching movies these past few days thats hours on the PC and never had discomfort. The microphone does slide up so if you don't need it you don't have to have it on your side. It does light up but if you don't want the blue lights on you can turn them off. With the previous sentence I want to point out that these are meant for PC since they use AUX cables and are not USB. The USB is for the lights you either plug the usb in and have lights or leave it unplugged and no lights. There are two AUX cables one for audio and one for the microphone. If you want these for PS4 or XBOX you'll need an adapter. Besides that; if that is an inconvenience for you; there really aren't any problems with this headset. Great buy.

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Amazing gaming headset

Great gaming headset, the sound is not that bad for the money. I'm able to hear a lot of detail within the game. But the best part of these headsets is the mic. I have a lot of possitive comments about how clear people can hear me. However, once I plugged in the USB cable so the headset can light up i experienced the mic to be very robotic like. But I don't need my headset to light up. So if your ok with using the headphones without plugging in the USB then I think it's a great headset, and would recommend.

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