EasySMX 398M 2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset


Wireless for PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC/Mac

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Universal Compatibility

EasySMX HW-398M Wireless Gaming Headset works with all popular gaming platforms, including

PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and smartphone via 3.5mm cable.

2.4G Wireless Transmission

Transmission distance is up to 8-10m (26-33ft) with no disconnection or distortion. Detachable

noise-cancelling mic picks up clear sound, denying background noise.

Superb Audio Quality

The wide soundstage headset delivers powerful, deep bass for immersive gameplay. You can

literally feel motors roaring, gunshots and bombing. Clear high notes are good for listening to music.

Total Comfort

Soft ear cup covers are designed for a comfortable fit. With minimal clamping pressure, the

adjustable headband can be extended to fit any head size.

Impressive Battery Life

One single charge offers 12 hours of continuous gameplay. Breathable foam ear cups ensure

exceptional comfort even for extended hours of playing.

【What's in the package

1 x EasySMX HW-398M 2.4G Wireless Gaming Headsets

1 x Transmitter

1 x Detachable Mic

1 x Optical Cable

1 x Micro USB –USB Cable (80cm) 

1 x Micro USB –USB Cable (40cm)

1 x 2.5mm-3.5mm Audio Cable for Xbox 360

1 x 3.5mm 4-pole –3-pole Audio Cable for Xbox One 

1 x User Manual

50 Items

Data sheet

102 mm, 4.01
202 mm, 7.95
236 mm, 9.29 in
620 g, 1.37 lbs
Box Content
1 x 398M Gaming Headset, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Detachable Mic, 1 x Optical Cable, 1 x Micro USB –USB Cable (80cm), 1 x Micro USB –USB Cable (40cm), 1 x 2.5mm-3.5mm Audio Cable for Xbox 360, 1 x 3.5mm 4-pole –3-pole Audio Cable for Xbox One, 1 x User Manual
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Q: Do you have to connect the mic before use?

A: The mic is separate to the headset and plugs in via a phone-jack, very simple. You can then just as easily unplug the mic when you want to pack away the headset. 

Q: Can this be used with an ipad mini ie using bluetooth ?

A: I don't think so. This headset has a receiver which has to be connected to a device. You can connect is with a usb cable or an optic cable.

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EasySMX 398M 2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset Unboxing

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Great sounding mid-high range wireless headphones

I think these wireless headphones are excellent. From the super soft padding on the ears to the smooth headband that goes across. I think EasySMS did great on the mesh material used on the ears and soft padding underneath the headband.

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