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COOL 2000 Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, Tablet etc.

  • Works with PC/PS4 Controller/Xbox One X or Slim Controller/Nintendo Switch;
  • Three dynamic LED lighting mode; 
  • Over-large ear cups and adjustable headband for comfortable fit. 
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
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High Performance Gaming-level Sound 

Adopts 50mm driver unit with wide range. Specialized audio tuning allows for multi-layered sound with fine details and minimal sound distortion.

Works with Multiple  Platforms  

With 3.5mm speaker input interface, 3.5mm MIC output interface and a standard USB port, the headset works flawlessly on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (Audio ONLY), PS4, and PC, so whatever platform you're playing on, you can plug in your headset and get gaming.

For Pro and Long Time Gamers 

Self-adjustable headband, large ear cups and super light weight make it a perfect choice for long time gamers, fit their demands of hours of comfortable gaming. 

The soft mic delivers clear pickup with slightest background noise and can be twisted to any angle you like.

With USB powered, you can turn on/off the mic as you like with a single press of mic button. 

easysmx cool 2000 gaming headset mic

Patented 3-Mode LED Lighting

Switch between 3 different modes of led lighting with a single button press

Constant/breathing/spinning (watch the demo video)

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Data sheet

COOL 2000
Length of Cable
2 m, 6.56 ft
3.5 mm audio cable + USB
PC, PS4, New Xbox One, Mobile phone, Nintendo Switch
229 mm, 9.00 in
201 mm, 7.91 in
103 mm, 4.00 in
328 g, 0.72 lbs
Box Content
1 x COOL 2000 Gaming Headset, 1 x Y Splitter Cable, 1 x User Manual


COOL 2000 User Manual

Download (19.17M)

EasySMX gaming headset comparison

Q: I see that the mic is noise cancelling but are the ear muffs noise cancelling?

A: Yes, the ear muffs is noise cancelling as well. 

Q: Is this headset compatible with Iphone?

A: There is a 3.5 4 pin audio port, It can be used for iphone 6,6s and its previous version. For iphone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you need use a adapter to fit it. 

Q: Does this work with xbox one or with a turtle beach adapter?

A: You can directly use this headset if your xbox one controller has 3.5mm audio interface. Otherwise, you need a Microsoft adapter(NOT included) and connect the headset to the adapter. 

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: The headphone offers 18-month worry free warranty.

Q: Does it have a mute button?

A: Yes. Please insert the USB plug in the devise as well. Or you can not turn off the mic by pressing the mic button and it will remain it. 

EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headset

EasySMX Cool 2000 | TEST | Un casque gamer à 25€ !

BEST BUDGET HEADSET FOR FORTNITE? | EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headset Review

Rated 4.79 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 68 customer reviews

Lovely set of headphones! great for gaming

I received these as a present and I like them very much. They are very versatile and in my opinion made just for gaming!I though I would have shared this with other potential buyers/gamer. I pair these with a gaming mouse which is really cool!

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OUTSTANDING Gaming Headset

This is an OUTSTANDING gaming headset.The sound quality is crystal clear and the audio tuning works flawlessly in that it allows for multi-layered sound with precision and no distortion whatsoever.The actual headset works instantaneously amongst all devices including my mobile, computer, laptop, iPad, and PlayStation. Furthermore, the headset comes with a mic and audio 鈥淵鈥?adapter and USB connector literally enabling it work on every device that is capable of playing music.The mic is housed in a 360-degree solid yet flexible material enabling you to position it anywhere. The quality of the mic is excellent and unbelievably during skype calls, it is able to pick up even the faintest of background noises 鈥?VERY IMPRESSED.The headset fits well and is comfortable; due to its adjustable nature, it can fit almost all head sizes. The earmuffs are large cover your entire ears resulting in a truly immersive experience and due to the overall lightweight nature of the headset no additional pressures are exerted onto your scalp whilst in use.Overall, I am indeed very satisfied and HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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Excellent gaming headset - my Son loves them!!! He uses them for online gaming on his PS4. The sound quality is great (both input & output) with no interference. They're also excellent noise cancellers, although this isn't always ideal for us parents lol. They're really comfortable to wear, even for long periods, and are fully adjustable.Really happy, and no hesitation in recommending! Thank you.

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Looks cool, feels good, sounds good and excellent control layout. Bad for small heads and mic may not be super responsive.

I like how the controls are on the left earpiece, as it makes the wire far less bulky. So far sound quality is good, the mic is easy to adjust, and the headphones are comfortable. You can turn off the lights on the earpieces. You can also set them so each square breathes separately in a pattern, all breathe together, or just glow continuously. I'm taking off a star because you can't adjust the size of the headset. While the headset itself will stretch to accommodate various head sizes, you don't have direct control. A co-worker with a smaller head tried to use it and it was always sliding off her head and she had no way to tighten it. I have a very large head and it fits me pretty well, but I likewise have no way to loosen it. Finally, friends in discord say that I cut out but this may be due to my wifi or the mic not being positioned properly with my mouth. All tests were performed on two separate computers. I will update my review if anything changes, or in about 6 months if all is still well.<br /> <br /> tl;dr: Looks cool, feels good, sounds good and excellent control layout. Bad for small heads and mic may not be super responsive.

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Great gaming headset

My kids are constantly playing fortnite and talking to their friends. We go through headsets like crazy because well they aren’t careful with anything! These are very nice quality. We have xbox one so it does come with an adapter to be able to use with that system!

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