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EasySMX Bayard 4108 Switch and PC Wireless Game Controller

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DragonStarry Night

Product Description

  • Bluetooth Connection: The handle adopts the latest Bluetooth wireless transmission technology, with stable signal, strong anti-interference, long connection distance and no delay.
  • Compatibility: The handle supports all switch models, and can also be connected to the computer through a cable, and supports Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1 systems
  • Adjustable Dual Vibration: Built-in asymmetrical dual vibration somatosensory motors, the vibration intensity can be adjusted in five levels, allowing you to experience collisions, vibrations, gunshots and other scenes in the game.
  • Adjustable LED Lighting: The right rocker of the handle has a cool LED lighting, and the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted in 5 levels.
  • Anti-slip Design: The back of the handle and the mushroom head of the rocker are designed with laser engraving technology for anti-slip design, which makes the grip feel better and the operation more comfortable.

Product Details

Connection method: Bluetooth/wired
Applicable platform: Switch; Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1
Whether there is vibration: yes
Interface: Type C
Cable length: 1m
Size: 15.2x10.6x6.1
Weight: 200g
Battery parameters
Battery capacity (mAh): 600
Charging time (h): 2h
Use time (h): 8h

Package List

1 x EasySMX Gamepad
1 x USB data cable
1 x Instruction manual

Shipping Worldwide

30 Days Money Back

18 months warranty

Lifetime Customer Support

Turbo Function

Setting Turbe before gaming, you can running fire with one click, win the games fast and no tired

Long Battery Life

Built-in high-performance battery and intelligent Power Saving design to improve battery efficiency and provide longer playing time

Sensitive 6-Axis Somatosensory

High precision,Making aiming movements smoother and faster

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