EasySMX GK82 gaming keyboard review: A clicky keyboard built for games

EasySMX GK82 gaming keyboard review: A clicky keyboard built for games
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As more people become obsessed with their gaming setups, a new style of PC keyboard has arisen. 87-key keyboards — sometimes called 65 percent keyboards — are smaller than a standard keyboard but still offer all the functionality you need to play PC games effectively.


EasySMX makes some excellent gaming accessories, including the EasySMX Gaming chair and the EasySMX V07W Wireless Gaming Headset and these peripherals have something in common with the GK82; They are all great products for the price.

I'll admit, when I first started using the GK82, I was a little hesitant about the lack of Numpad. After all, I use it every day at work — the Alt code for an em dash is 0151 if you were wondering — but this keyboard is not necessarily designed for a full-time journalist. When playing video games on your PC, you don't really need the Numpad. Most of the needed controls are featured on the mainboard, so I'll concentrate on its performance there.

While RGB is all the rage for streamers when you are using a keyboard wirelessly, having RGB can be a serious drain. The LEDs on the GK82 work are a simple cool blue and have 6 different preset motions. I'm partial to the light-under-keypress system as the little flash is far less distracting than the other, more flashy light modes. When using the LED, battery life is a decent, but only decent, three days. Without the LEDs lit, it's rated to last up to 500 hours. I haven't got that much out of my battery, but with the lights out, it'll go for a long time.


Response time is excellent, even in 2.4ghz wireless mode. It does feel a little snappier with the USB-C to USB-A cord connected, and the blue mechanical switches are a joy to use. I am very partial to the sound of a mechanical keyboard — in my mind, the sound is linked to productivity — and these switches are an acoustic dream. The keycaps are well rounded, and I rarely catch the wrong key as my finger move across the board, though I have accidentally hit the tab key more than once when in the heat of a battle in Final Fantasy 14. The keys can be delicate, but that is a sign of their response, and perhaps my ham fists.

The keyboard itself weighs 712 grams and is made of a shiny ABS plastic and nickel-coated metal plate. The metal plate helps keep the switches and keys in place and adds to the feeling of rigidity I get when I type on the EasySMX GK82. There is no give as I type this, and the keyboard feels like it could type forever, which it likely could as each switch has a 50 million keystroke lifespan. When playing games, no matter how exuberant I got with the keys, they took everything I could dish out and still worked perfectly.

One last thing that I didn't get on my review unit is the amazing pink version of GK82. If you are looking for something a little less standard, then the pink keyboard might be right for you. The GK82 also comes with removable keycaps and switches, so if you decide to change things up, you can do so easily. You might want to as well, as the keycaps are my least favorite thing about the EasySMX.


I've really enjoyed my time with the EasySMX GK82. When I'm playing games, the keyboard is hyper-fast and comfortable to use, and when I'm typing, the clacking keyboard feels solid and capable. Is it the most flashy keyboard? No. The nickel-plated metal does set it apart from many black slabs, but it isn't going to be using an app to make custom RGB lights shine at you. The EasySMX GK82 helped me play the best game I can every time. What it does, it does brilliantly, and that's all you can ask from an input device.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard, one that uses the smaller 65 percent design, and want to keep your keyboard free from clutter and ugliness, the GK82 is a brilliant place to start. If you really want to make it striking, get the pink one. It looks fantastic.

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