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Product Description

  • Comprehensive Compatibility:The M05 controller is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and Apple models above version 15, ensuring unparalleled gaming compatibility. Moreover, its clever design effectively avoids obstructing the lenses of most mainstream smartphones, allowing for hassle-free use even with phone cases.
  • Multi-Protocol Support: The M05 controller is equipped with HID/XBOX/PS protocols, meaning it's adept at handling both native Android controller games and console ported games. You can enjoy gaming across platforms without worrying about compatibility issues, as the M05 ensures seamless connectivity and control.
  • Vibration Feedback: In addition to supporting multiple protocols, the M05 controller features built-in motors that transmit native vibration signals via streaming platforms. This means you can experience realistic vibrations while gaming, enhancing immersion and realism.
  • Convenient Back Key Design: The M05 controller incorporates 2 expandable back keys that can be mapped and programmed. This allows you to customize the function of the back keys according to your preferences and gaming needs, enabling actions like one-touch combos and special moves for effortless gaming victories.
  • Precise Control: The M05 controller's control stick adopts the design of a standard controller, with a 50% increase in swing angle. This enables you to achieve more nuanced control in games, whether you need precision or flexibility. With the M05 controller, you'll always feel in command during gameplay.

Product Details

Connection method: Direct connector
Compatible Models: Type-C Plug for Android 9.0 (Pie) and iPhone 15 series
Interface: Type C
Weight: 160g
Size: 18.50×8.90×4.10 cm

Package List

1 x M05 mobile controller
1 x Instruction manual
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  • After-sale

    1-year warranty

  • Security

    30-day money back

  • Service

    24/7 support

EasySMX M05 Mobile Controller For Type-C Mobile Phones

Expended Dimension for More Model

The EasySMX X05 boasts an adjustable size that stretches from 100-173 mm, accommodating a wide range of smartphones, including 5.9 inches to 6.8 inches.

Phone Case Friendly

To bring the most convenient experience for mobile gamers, The EasySMX M05 improve the whole sturcture to support camera bump and enable users to play games with case on!

Adjustable Connector for Protection

The EasySMX M05 features ajustable connector enable users to plug their phone in various angles. The more flexibility for more protection!

Console-Like Immersion

The M05 enhances mobile gaming with added vibration features (game-dependent) and Hall Effect triggers for heightened precision. Its passthrough charging keeps your phone powered during play by simply connecting the charging cable to the controller.

Limitless Connection & Compatibility

Compatible with both Android and iPhone (series 15 or later with USB-C plug), the M05 offers both Bluetooth and direct USB-C connections. It supports a variety of gaming platforms, including Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Remote, and GeForce NOW, ensuring a limitless gaming experience.

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