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Product Description

  • Mechanism Made Master: Leverage cutting-edge engineering and infused with elite gaming controller tech, X10 comes with full-mechanical tactile buttons: Action Buttons, D-pad, and Back Paddles. With quicker press responses and more comfortable tactile sensation, X10 delivers next-level consistency and gaming experience.
  • More Precision But No Drift: Equipped with Quadruple Hall Effect Sensor System (Dual Joysticks & Dual Triggers), makes X10 the superior durability & guaranteed reliability. X10 managed to lower the trigger’s actuation distance to >0.1mm. Moreover, its advanced "non-contact magnetic sensors" triple the controller's life and eliminate stick drift issues.
  • Seamless Platforms Transition: With a convenient 'slide switch', X10 provides effortless platform transition in just one second. We just need to slide the button on the back to choose Nintendo Switch, 2.4G, Bluetooth, or wired connection, and enjoy seamless conversion between PC, phone, Nintendo Switch, and even Steam Deck!
  • Explore More Fun of Customization: Each color of X10 controller is equipped with a set of replaceable white magnetic cover by default(3 parts), and we can create our own X10 handles to showcase a unique style through imaginative customization. One controller, infinite possibilities.
  • More Advantages: Designed with professional gamers in mind, X10 features 2 programmable back buttons and supports 6-axis motion control(only in Switch); Designing the Turbo button and Vibration button separately, supporting adjustable 3-level turbo function and 5-level vibration feedback. Start the journey of a happy game!

Product Details

Connection method: 2.4G, Bluetooth and wired
Applicable platforms: Switch, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, iOS, Android, Steam Deck
Vibration: Yes
Interface: Type C
Weight: 355g
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Charging time: 2-4h
Use time: 15-21h

Package List

1 x X10 wireless gamepad
1 x Charging cable
1 x 2.4G receiver
1 x Set of replaceable white magnetic covers
1 x Instruction manual
  • Delivery

    global shipping

  • After-sale

    1-year warranty

  • Security

    30-day money back

  • Service

    24/7 support

EasySMX X10 wired or wireless controller for pc
EasySMX X10 controller for switch and pc
EasySMX X10 controller for phone games
EasySMX X10 Game Controller with Mechanical Buttons and Hall Joysticks

 Mechanical Buttons

ABXY buttons, D-pad and back buttons adopt Micro-switch, Metal-dome and Tact-switch respectively, which provide faster response and stronger feel!

EasySMX X10 wireless gamepad with Micro-switch buttons
EasySMX X10 wireless pc controller with Metal-dome buttons
EasySMX X10 wireless gaming controller with Tcat-switch buttons

Dual Hall Joystick and Dual Hall Trigger

EasySMX X10 gaming controller with Hall Joysticks
EasySMX X10 gaming controller with Hall Trigger

Replaceable Magnetic Cover

EasySMX X10 PC controller comes with a set of replaceable white magnetic covers by default (3 parts - 2 grips and 1 front cover), which can be replaced to experience different fun!

EasySMX X10 wireless gamepad for switch and PC with magnetic cover

3 level turbo and 5 level vibration

EasySMX X10 best wireless controller for switch

1000 mAh lithium battery

EasySMX X10 wireless controller for pc gaming

6-axis motion control (only Switch)

EasySMX X10 game controller for pc best price
EasySMX X10 best wireless gamepad for pc

New AI-designed Magnetic Cover

Combining cutting-edge technology with modern aesthetics ensures strong adhesion and superior protection. The material is lightweight and strong while giving the device a personalized look. The perfect integration of technology and fashion.

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2.4G Connection

Wired Connection

Bluetooth Connection

Back Paddle Buttons

Turbo Function

Motion Control

Back Light

 Audio Port


3 gears adjustable

3 gears adjustable

4 gears adjustable

4 gears adjustable


Hall trigger

Hall trigger

Hall trigger

Linear trigger

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