Product Drivers and Manuals

1.Driver for Game Controllers

Download Here
* The driver only supports windows system.
* The driver only serve purpose when the USB driver on your PC has trouble updating.
Compatible Gamepads ↓
ESM 4108ESM 9101 |ESM 9110 |ESM 9100 |ESM 9013 |KC 8236 |SP5226 |ESM 8587

2.Driver for Mice

Download Here
*The driver only works for PC.Mac book is supported.

3.Driver for Gaming Headsets

V07D/VIP002D Driver
Download Here

G18 (7.1) Driver
Download Here

How to configure V18 game mouse : click here

4.Product Manuals

ESM 9101 controller
ESM 9013 controller
ESM 9100 controller
ESM 9110 controller
NS 2076 controller
ESM 4108 controller
KC 8236 controller
ESM 9124 controller