Global free shipping on every order. 

Global free shipping on every order. 

  • Game Controller
  • Game Mouse 
  • Game Headset

Driver for Game Controllers

* The driver only supports windows system.

* The driver only serve purpose when the USB driver on your PC has trouble updating. 

Compatible Gamepads

EasySMX ESM-9101 Wireless Gaming Controller
EasySMX ESM-9013 Wireless Gaming Controller
EasySMX ESM-9100 Wired Game Controller
EasySMX EG-C3071W 2.4G Wireless Game Controller for PC/PS3
EasySMX KC-8236 2.4G Wireless Gamepad for PC/PS4
EasySMX EG-C3071 Wired USB Game Controller
EasySMX ESM-9013  2.4G Wireless Controller for PS3/PC/Android

1.1.17 Mouse Driver

 * The driver only works for PC. No Mac book is supported.

Compatible Mice↓

EasySMX V50 PC Gaming Mouse for PUBG
EasySMX ESMBD-01 Gaming Mouse
EasySMX V18 Wired Gaming Mouse
EasySMX SI-9003 Gaming Mouse
EasySMX SI-9031 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

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