Influencer Program

EasySMX Influencer Program

EasySMX has been established for 10 years. During this time, we have been supported and urged by our customers. Thank you for your support and trust. In order to provide a better customer experience and meet your needs, we are willing to continuously improve our products and services. Therefore, we very much welcome your ideas and suggestions to jointly plan the future development of EasySMX.

Your experience and aesthetics are critical to our product design, and we want to hear your ideas and feedback. Do you have any suggestions or expectations? For example, what type of product do you want EasySMX to design, or what improvements do you think existing products need? Your feedback will help us better understand your needs and preferences, so as to continuously improve product quality and service levels. Thank you again for your support and look forward to working with you to create better EasySMX products and services.

Are you a fan of our products and have a great sense of aesthetics? Share your ideas and showcase your photos/videos on social media to join our call for entries!

Valid social media account.
Product(s) must be visible in the post with our logo clearly displayed. The picture/video must be clear and beautiful.
Note: Data will be counted every 15 days.
Content Restrictions:
All content should be positive and self-defined. No bad orientation or restricted content is allowed.

Based on likes(each post):
100-499 likes: $10 USD coupon
500-999 likes: $20 USD coupon
1,000-2999 likes: $30 USD coupon
3,000-4999 likes: $50 USD coupon
5,000+ likes:New product test qualification, Mystery gift.

How to Participate:
Post your content with our product's images/videos on social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/TikTok), send the link and the original material to our staff email (, and authorize us to use the original material.

We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!