We are always looking for constructive feedback from customers-so if you want to tell us, we want to hear it!  

Your feedback as a product tester will provide us with valuable insights to improve our products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a product Tester?

1. Fill the form and apply 

 Fill out the application form below with required information. We will review your information and inform you by email if you are selected to participate in the test. You decide if you want to participate.

2. Receive product for free or at reduced price 

 Depending on the type of test you can buy the price in our online store-or we will send it to you free of charge. 

3. Try the product and submit your feedback 

 Test the product in detail and then write a comprehensive and meaningful evaluation.

4. Write a review 

 Write a review on your blog or social media.

5. Retain your product 

 You have successfully completed the product test and you may keep the product.

What are tester’s responsibilities?

1. Provide honest, detailed feedback regarding the product you have tested. 

2. Complete a feedback by the given deadline. 

3. Be available for follow up questions if needed. 

4. Provide a public review on your blog or social media.

Note: aAll feedback and media submitted will become property of EasySMX. And may be used in marketing materials.    

Please fill in your information in the form!