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Works perfectly, has vibration motors built-in, led lights as seen in pictures (yes these can be turned off to prolong battery life). Seems well built and works well. Had for a short while now and no problems with the wireless or any stick drift etc. Would recommend for the price. And is usb-c too so the charge cable lasts forever as opposed to the tiny little usb a ones that are used on like the PS4 control!. Battery life is about 7/8 hours. 10/10 from me.


I wanted a controller that would allow me to play games on my PC (mainly steam games) and this controller works perfectly for that task. I have a ton of retro games and modern games and I have had no issues playing any of them via steam's big picture mode. Most games on steam are xbox controller compatible and the buttons you see on the screen sometimes correspond to those controllers. I have had no issue playing the games and the rumble feature surprised me on one game when it came on. It's a very strong rumble. I am very happy with the controller.


Great headphones which I initially bought to play on a PS4 with but now use them just as well with an Xbox One. They plug into the controller and work instantly and they are great for blocking out any outside sounds. They are comfortable to wear and for the relatively cheap price, you really couldn't ask for much more.

We recently purchased 3 more of these, but in different styles, for our teenage kids who all upgrtaded to xboxes at Xmas, and all have been fab.

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