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The best Nintendo Switch controllers can cost a lot of money. That's especially true if you're trying to gather several of them for multiplayer game nights. There are several third-party controllers to choose from, but some of the more affordable ones don't have all the features I need. However, every now and then I find a controller that beats my expectations for a great price.
I recently had the chance to test two versions of the EasySMX YS06 Nintendo Switch Controller. It offers more features and conveniences than many other knock-off controllers while still managing to be an inexpensive buy. Because of this, I highly recommend them.

EasySMX YS06 Nintendo Switch Controller: Price and availability

You can purchase the EasySMX YS06 Controller in one of its many designs at Amazon or the EasySMX website for $36. It often goes on sale on Amazon, so keep an eye out for chances to grab it for even less!

EasySMX YS06 Nintendo Switch Controller: What's good

The EasySMX YS06 Controllers are roughly the same size and shape as Nintendo's Pro Controller. The main differences come in the shape of the - and + buttons and the addition of both a Turbo button on the front and a reset button on the back of EasySMX's controller. Both the controls and joysticks on the front of the gamepad press in nicely and respond just the way I expected them to.

The YS06 also weighs a couple ounces less than the Pro Controller, but still has a decent heft to it. There aren't any textured grips on the back, but I've never felt worried that the controllers would slip from my fingers during testing.

The one with a Pikachu tail design has a smooth glazed coating that allows those golden colors to really come through. The Halloween controller is matte and doesn't have as vibrant coloring as I initially expected, but it still looks good overall.


Despite their economic pricing, these controllers have a lot of features. For one thing, they include both rumble and motion controls. When I first pulled them from the packaging, the rumble felt weaker than some other controllers I've tested, but then I learned I could adjust the vibration and that fixed it.

Additionally, these controllers include a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to eight hours and recharges with a USB-C cable. As long as you charge it between gaming sessions, it'll have plenty of juice. Their inexpensive pricing combined with the number of conveniences and features they provide make them ideal for purchasing multiple for game nights, especially for games like Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


EasySMX YS06 Nintendo Switch Controller: Should you buy it?

If you're looking for an inexpensive Switch controller, you really ought to consider the EasySMX YS06. It's got the same shape as a Pro Controller and includes both motion controls and rumble. Plus, it features a rechargeable battery, which isn't as common for controllers in this price range. Additionally, that Turbo button can give you an edge while playing certain games.

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