How to connect & configure a mobile gaming controller on iOS & Android? - EasySMX M10

How to connect & configure a mobile gaming controller on iOS & Android? - EasySMX M10

When you get a new gaming controller for mobile gaming, the most important thing is to figure out how to connect and set up it. Here is the tutorial to tell you how to use it and gain a better gaming experience.

How to connect your EasySMX M10 mobile gaming controller to iOS/Android?

EasySMX M10 features Lightning & Type-C (compatible with Android & iPhone 15 series). You just choose the right plug version to fit in your phone, and it can plug and play. But Android users need to enbale the OTG option of network setting.

Link to M10:

How to get the Macros for EasySMX M10 mobile gaming controller?

  • Long press the setting button for 3 seconds. (the indicator will start to flash);

  • Press the M1 or M2 button (2 programmable buttons of M10), and the buttons that you want to combine, such as A, B, Y;

  • Press the setting button to finish the setting;

How to set up the Turbo function on EasySMX M10 mobile gaming controller?

  • Press the Turbo function key and the button that you want to set;

  • Repeat it again and you will get automatical Turbo;

  • Repeat it for the third time, the Turbo will be canceled.

Link to M10:

Here's the full tutorial video for your reference:

Link to M10:


  • Laurent

    As tu trouvé la solution car j’ai le même problème ?

  • Dewulf

    Je viens d’acheter cette accessoire pour jouer à l’application remove play.
    J’ai un samsung A13 et andoid 11.
    La manette se connecte au téléphone je peux l’utiliser mais des que je mets l’application remove play la manette ne répond pas j’ai juste la manette sur l’écran du téléphone.
    Pouvez vous me dire si il y a une manipulation à faire ou le produit est défectueux.
    Merci de votez retour.

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