INTRODUCING the EasySMX YS07 / SW Pro Wireless Controller

INTRODUCING the EasySMX YS07 / SW Pro Wireless Controller

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the EasySMX YS07 / SW Pro Wireless Controller for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. This is an affordable device which uses Bluetooth connectivity to link it to your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

The controller has an overall transparent effect which is supplemented in a variety of colours which are Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple or Blue, giving plenty of choices to satisfy the tastes of everyone.

In the box you will find the controller in the colour of your choice, a USB cable to charge the device and the user manual.

Although the controller is primarily developed with the Nintendo Switch and Switch lite in mind, it is also compatible via the supplied USB cable with any Windows PC with an operating system of Windows XP or above and Android devices via Bluetooth, making this a versatile proposition.

The game controller uses wireless Bluetooth connectivity for both the Nintendo and Android devices with an easy one button connection to the host pairing mode.
Alternatively, you are able to use the supplied USB type C cable to connect the device to the switch or a PC with an operating system of Windows XP or above. When connecting to a PC you are able to use the device in either x-input mode or d-input mode giving you greater compatibility with a range of titles.


  • The controller itself has some great features packed into this affordable solution.
  • 6-Axis Gyro This allows for motion sensing which you can use the orientation and acceleration of the controller to add additional functionality to your games.
  • Dual Shock Vibration Allowing compelling feedback from your games which adds depth and immersion to your gameplay via the built in Dual Motors.
  • Turbo Function Gives you the ability to do impressively fast one-click bursts allowing more rapid hits within a game.
  • 600Mah Battery Allowing for up to 8 hours continuous gameplay with a full charge.

The controller itself sports a well-known layout with four action triggers, a D-pad to the left of the device, the familiar YX BA buttons, two analogue input sticks which are spring loaded along with some additional buttons like the +/- buttons, a Home Button, a screenshot button (extremely useful) and the Turbo or Burst button which assists you in those moments when you need a rapid-fire solution against your enemies.

The device is very well made of strong and durable plastic and it has a Lithium Polymer Battery which on a full charge will last 8 hours of gameplay and can be used whilst charging on the included USB C cable. Charge time is between 2 to 4 hours depending on whether you are using the device whilst you are charging it, so there’s no real downtime if you forget to charge the device after using it for an extended gaming session, just plug it in and keep on playing your favourite titles.

So, using the controller is very straight forward, it’s just simply a case of following the instructions within the manual for connecting the device and then loading up your favourite game title and you are away.

The control layout is the same as the Nintendo Switch so familiarity shouldn’t be an issue unless you are used to another format like the Xbox or PlayStation controllers and then you’ll notice that Nintendo’s XY AB buttons are in fact laid out in the YX BA orientation instead, although you soon get used to this as you use the controller more and more, it is just a case of muscle memory.

The build quality is exceptional, which was very unexpected for a product of this price and shows outstanding quality for the extremely low price.

The spring tension for the analogue sticks seems just about right and comparable to higher priced products and the dual shock vibration feedback is also a reasonable amount, so you shouldn’t feel fatigued when playing for longer periods which the battery allows for.

The triggers are however more of a switch than an analogue type feel which in most cases won’t be an issue, especially if your main use is on the Nintendo, but in some cases for the PC you may find this a little lacking in controllability for say titles like Snow Runner where the analogue feature would have been a nice touch.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to test the 6-axis gyro functionality, but given the quality of the other features I’ve no doubt this will also work straight out of the box and be of similar quality to the rest of the product.

So, in conclusion from using this product I have to say I find them surprisingly well-built at this price point and think that anyone looking for a Nintendo Switch controller would find this product a great fit which the added benefit of compatibility for the PC and Android devices.


6-axis Gyro function – Added control method for supported titles
Dual Shock Vibration – Great feedback adds to immersion
600Mah Battery – Fantastic battery life up to 8 hours
USB Cable – Supplied USB cable is a nice addition
Colours – A great range of colour availability.

No Wireless Access for PC – Would have been nice to have a dongle to use wirelessly for PC

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