Performance Issues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: When will Nintendo Switch 2 release?

Performance Issues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: When will Nintendo Switch 2 release?

As people know, the new series of Zelda games - Tears of the Kingdom released on 12 May. After only 5 days after it released, Nintendo announced that ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ has sold 10 million copies worldwide (2.24 million copies in Japan and more than 4 million copies in the United States) in the first week and 3 days. That surprising selling data made ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ the best-selling game in the history of the Zelda series. The fastest-grossing title, and the fastest-selling Nintendo game of any system in Europe and the Americas.

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement over the phenomenal success of "Tears of the King." As Nintendo fans and Nintendo official alike revel in its popularity, a pertinent issue arises: hardware limitations that have sparked widespread discussions among players. The most glaring concern revolves around severe frame drops, particularly when utilizing the "Ultimate Hand" in the thrilling realm of Hylaru, causing the frame rate to plummet to a mere 20 fps.

Pushing the Limits: Players Yearn for Enhanced Performance

Driven by an insatiable desire for top-tier gaming experiences, many players, dissatisfied with underperforming hardware, have embarked on a quest to unleash the full potential of "Tears of the King." They have even attempted to run the game on cutting-edge RTX 4090 graphics, aiming for a flawless 60 fps. The resulting videos have amassed staggering views and interactions, underlining the unwavering anticipation among Nintendo enthusiasts for the company to release a more advanced gaming console capable of matching the breathtaking visuals offered by these remarkable titles.

Regrettably, 2023 Brings No Hardware Upgrade:

In the face of mounting pressure, hopes were high that Nintendo would unveil plans to upgrade their gaming console in 2023. However, to the dismay of eager gamers, the year has passed without such an announcement. With "Tears of the King" blazing a trail of excellence, the responsibility of surpassing Nintendo's own achievements rests solely on the company's shoulders, making it the only formidable adversary capable of outshining itself.

Switching Gears: The Ambiguous State of Nintendo Switch's Dominance

While the Switch enjoys widespread recognition, its overall performance, user experience, and alignment with game IPs only rank as average among its competitors. Even the most exceptional games cannot mask the glaring hardware limitations plaguing the console.

This problem predominantly manifests in combat and adventure genres, particularly within fan-oriented works. Games such as "Jump Super Smash Bros.," a convergence of beloved characters from various Weekly Shonen Jump series, suffer from subpar frame rates, leaving players longing for a more immersive experience. Unclear map layouts and mission descriptions compound the issue. Furthermore, multiple limitations on the Switch platform prevent certain strengths from truly shining, as seen in the "Monster Hunter" series and "Taiko no Tatsujin."

A Glimmer of Hope: Nintendo Switch 2 on the Horizon?

Amidst the disappointment, the gaming community has reason to remain optimistic. Recent online rumors have ignited discussions about the potential launch of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024. Notably, a Nintendo job listing hints at the long-speculated existence of the console, suggesting it will be a powerhouse boasting "high-performance" capabilities.

The job listing originates from the Nintendo European Research & Development (NERD) team in Paris, France, seeking an engineer with game development experience. While most of the content adheres to standard templates, the "Responsibilities" section offers tantalizing insights into the next-generation Switch. The listing highlights the need for someone capable of "exploring, defining, and implementing software solutions" and explicitly references "high-performance implementation," hinting at a substantial leap forward in power. These claims align with prior reports suggesting that Nvidia's cutting-edge technology will feature in the next iteration of Nintendo's gaming console.

So the release duration could be March-May, 2024. Let's look forward to it!

Improving the Gaming Experience: Desires for Nintendo Switch 2

In addition to advancements in screen-related hardware performance, gamers are eagerly awaiting improvements to the Joy-Con controllers, hoping for enhanced ergonomics and durability. Furthermore, a more ergonomic design for the entire console is desired, aligning with the principles of human ergonomics. Equally important is the power supply. For players engrossed in the expansive worlds of games like "The Legend of Zelda," a mere three-hour battery life falls short of their expectations and immersion.

So, what are your expectations for the Nintendo Switch 2? In which features would you like to see upgrades and enhancements?

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