Controller Game 《Starfield》: Exploring Unknown Cosmic Adventures and Space Battles

Controller Game 《Starfield》: Exploring Unknown Cosmic Adventures and Space Battles
Getting lost in endless space is probably every explorer's dream and nightmare. When I was immersed in the world of 《Starfield》, this deep game experience became my unique connection with the universe. What this game brings us is not just a simple space adventure, but also an exploration and transcendence of self.

Role Forming: Identity and Decision Making
At the beginning of the game, we choose a backstory and characteristics for our character. Each background has a unique initial skill, allowing us to better integrate into the world view of the game. However, for players who step into this star field for the first time, they may be confused about the choice. The good news is that although these choices will affect some subsequent plot developments, they will not determine the direction of the entire game. Certain feature options such as "parents are still alive" or "has a fanatic following" add rich colors to the plot, making every replay a new surprise.Starfield and EasySMX game controller

Freedom and exploration in the galaxy
《Starfield》gives players a high degree of freedom. Although each player's journey begins in the same mines and is exposed to mysterious space magic, once you get the key to the spaceship, the entire universe opens up for you. This also means that each player's adventure trajectory is unique. You can choose to be a space pirate, a space hero, a treasure hunter, or a researcher. It all depends on your choices and decisions.Starfield and EasySMX game controller

Partners and Missions: Human Relationships in the Universe
You will never be alone on your journey through the universe. The companions in the game have their own characteristics. They are not only assistants in battle, but also characters with rich background stories. Interact with them to not only gain insight into their past, but also to gain new quests and clues from it.Starfield and EasySMX game controller

Planets and Environments: The Joys and Challenges of Exploration
Along the galaxy, you will explore various planets. Each planet has its unique landscape and ecological environment. Some planets, emerald as gems, are rich in life and lush vegetation. And some planets are desolate, only rocks and storms, like forgotten places in the universe.
While each planet comes with a different visual experience, some of them do feel a bit barren and drab. Especially on those planets without signs of life, except for some small alien creatures and vegetation, most of the activities are geological scanning and mining. Of course, this also brings certain strategic challenges. Players need to judge which planets are worth exploring in depth and which planets are just passing by.Starfield and EasySMX game controller

Space Battle: Duel of the Universe
Different from land battles, space battles bring players a whole new combat experience. When your ship engages enemies in space, every decision, every maneuver counts. The in-game targeting feature allows players to precisely target key parts of the enemy, such as weapon systems or engines. Accurate shooting and strategic deployment can change the tide of battle dramatically.Starfield and EasySMX game controller

The Fascination of Spaceships: Your Space Ride
《Starfield》provides players with rich spaceship design and customization functions. Players can modularize and adjust their spaceships according to their own needs and preferences. This design not only gives players a stronger sense of belonging, but also brings them strategic considerations: should they choose a faster scouting spaceship, or a fighter with powerful firepower?
Unfortunately, the skill distribution in the early game may cause players to regret it. Since the unlocking of shipbuilding skills requires a lot of skill points, if players do not make reasonable plans in advance, they may miss a lot of wonderful spaceship design content. It is hoped that in future versions, the developers will be able to provide players with the ability to redistribute skill points.Starfield and EasySMX game controller

《Starfield》undoubtedly brought us a deep space adventure. Its delicate character creation, highly free exploration content, and strategic combat experience all fascinate players. However, the game's pacing, navigation, and inventory systems do have room for improvement. Nevertheless, it is still a work worth experiencing, allowing us to truly feel the vastness and charm of the universe.

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