ENDLESS Dungeon Takes You to Experience the Charm of Twin-stick Shooting, Tower Defense, and Science Fiction

ENDLESS Dungeon Takes You to Experience the Charm of Twin-stick Shooting, Tower Defense, and Science Fiction
When the three games of twin-stick shooting, tower defense, and science fiction are integrated together, what kind of sparks will be created? Let me experience ENDLESS Dungeon and I will feel it clearly!

Unique fighting style
In ENDLESS Dungeon, whether using a keyboard or a controller, you can aim and shoot while moving, easily and happily. The variety of combat is reflected in the character selection, with 8 available characters, each possessing a unique fighting style. For example, the sweeper uses light weapons but has slowing down skills; while the punk rocker Zedo is good at heavy weapons and has powerful AOE attack skills.

Adventure trip
The player's goal is to move the slow crystal machine to the exit and protect it from enemies while unlocking the door. However, the location of the exit is not clear, and each time you open the door, it may bring different results, including leading to the destination, obtaining power-ups, triggering traps, and even encountering monster spawning points. As the danger value increases, multiple waves of enemies may come from various monster spawning points, adding tension and excitement to the adventure.

Diverse enemy designs
ENDLESS Dungeon not only provides four types of monsters, including aliens and robots, but each type has multiple arms, special abilities, elemental attributes and weaknesses. The strategic nature of the battle is demonstrated, such as using fire attributes to deal with Zerg, but you need to choose carefully when facing enemies with fire resistance.

Weapons and equipment
The game provides a rich selection of weapons. Each hero has an initial firearm, and more weapons can be found in the treasure chests on each floor of the maze. Weapons of particular interest include flamethrowers and weapons with special effects. Players can obtain parts, technology and food through resources, which can be used to build turrets, research new weapons and purchase blood packs. The rich resource economy provides more possibilities for strategic decision-making.

Space tower defense
Each level has to deal with multiple waves of enemies, and building turrets to share the pressure becomes one of the keys. Resource economy, turret deployment and defense planning make every decision in the game crucial. Upgrading and strengthening in the salon has also become an effective means to improve survivability.

Collaboration and connection
The game supports up to three heroes to explore at the same time, and online cooperation is an experience not to be missed. In defense planning, exploration and crystal machine escort missions, cooperate with friends to divide tasks, jointly cope with various challenges, and fully enjoy the fun of adventure.
In ENDLESS Dungeon, twin-stick shooting, tower defense, and science fiction elements are intertwined to create a science fiction adventure full of surprises. With engaging combat, well-designed levels, and a colorful character system, ENDLESS Dungeon is an addictive game. Explorers, are you ready to explore this unknown space world?