Helldivers™ 2—A Multiplayer Experience Where Teamwork and Strategy Lead to Victory

Helldivers 2 and EasySMX gamepad
Helldivers™ 2 ensures long-lasting immersion through its exciting escape combat, hilarious gameplay, and profound entertainment value. The game scene design of this game is extremely explosive and exaggerated, and the game mechanics are cleverly designed. Whether you are adventuring alone, teaming up with friends, or playing with strangers, you can experience a tense and exciting game atmosphere. Especially when playing in a team with friends, the experience is even better. The game covers a variety of mission challenges and provides a wealth of weapons, expressions, armor and skill unlocking options.

Each mission gave me a unique gaming experience, and even repeating previous missions felt different. This is mainly due to the unique design of each map, and different areas on the same planet will also have completely different environmental settings. The terrain varies, from water-rich and mountainous maps to areas covered in snow or forests, each map has its own characteristics.

Missions often include multiple optional objectives, such as destroying outposts, refilling cannon ammunition for later use, or shutting down heretic broadcasts. Enemies often appear at critical moments, whether they are Zergs emerging from the ground or robots jumping from transport ships, making every mission full of uncertainty.
Helldivers 2 and EasySMX gamepad
When entering the battlefield for the first time, players can choose from relatively limited equipment, including several main weapons, auxiliary weapons and grenades. But the shooting experience is excellent. In addition, the game encourages players to work as a team to achieve success, but also to show resourcefulness when fighting alone.

Mission execution is a race against time. Once the timeout expires, no more strategic support can be called. These special abilities include orbital attacks, aerial strikes, or powerful weapons and equipment such as railguns. Each squad has a limited number of reinforcements available, so targets must be chosen, resources managed, and time allocated carefully. Challenges are everywhere.

A highlight of the game is the attention to detail that ensures players must be smart about their resource use, even when faced with hordes of bugs and robots. Taking reloading a weapon as an example, unspent bullets are discarded and don't magically return to the magazine like in some games.

Strategic support has a cooldown time, forcing players to communicate with teammates and carefully choose the time to use it. If you die in battle, it's best to recycle your equipment, as the ability to summon support may not have cooled down yet. In the game, players receive rich rewards on the super destroyer. Makeshift weapons can often be found during missions, and better gear can be purchased after a few missions.

Not only are weapons scattered throughout the map, but special events sometimes occur, providing players with specific strategic support, even those that have not yet been unlocked. At the end of the mission, the weapons picked up on the map cannot be kept, but these special events provide the opportunity to try them out, and then permanently unlock them with mission currency, adding to the fun of the game.
Helldivers 2 and EasySMX gamepad
There are a variety of unlockables in the game, both in paid and free passes, with the latter offering even more items than the former. Players can also unlock items by completing missions. Although the game contains microtransactions, so far I haven't felt like I'm missing out on anything good by not spending money.

The free pass provides enough virtual currency to upgrade to the paid pass. Through exploration missions, players can also discover more currencies. The free pass content is anything but filler, and it even includes what may be one of the most powerful weapons in Helldivers™ 2. There are attractive items in the paid pass, such as a beefed-up assault rifle that I particularly liked, but these don't have a decisive impact on the success of the mission. I look forward to unlocking more new content as the game progresses. Many upgrades can significantly change the way you play.

The game's growth system still retains its appeal among advanced players. After reaching a certain level, all strategic support will be unlocked. Although the upgrade speed will slow down as the level increases, I think the upgrade process is not passive, especially since higher difficulty tasks provide higher experience points.

Helldivers™ 2 requires players to strategize and respond flexibly to battlefield situations. Close cooperation with teammates and readiness if the situation worsens are crucial. There's something immensely satisfying about winning a seemingly impossible battle, although accidentally killing a teammate with an airstrike is just as much fun.

Although it can be played solo, the difficulty of the game does not scale with the number of players. Single player players may only be able to challenge the lowest difficulty levels, and level up slowly. At the same time, teaming up with friends brings out the best in the game compared to the experience of teaming up with strangers.
Helldivers 2 and EasySMX gamepad
Helldivers™ 2 does a great job as a modern multiplayer game in almost every way. The game offers a high degree of freedom, a great gaming experience, and a growth system that doesn't force players to engage in microtransactions. Missions always feel fresh with a rich and interesting mix of enemies, effects, and objectives. Although the game currently has some matchmaking and performance issues, as well as a mediocre experience playing solo or paired with strangers, the game offers a very good experience if you have a consistent group of online teammates.