Modern Warfare 3 Will Have a New Style of Campaign Missions

Modern Warfare 3 Will Have a New Style of Campaign Missions
With the rapid development of the game industry, many eye-catching game masterpieces are constantly emerging. Among them, "Call of Duty", as the leader in this industry, has attracted the attention of players. In addition to the traditional linear missions, this game also introduces a new game mechanism - Open Combat Missions (OCM), providing players with a more open and free gaming experience. Modern Warfare III is coming soon! ! !

OCM is an open task mechanism, players can choose different strategies and means to complete the task according to their own preferences and game style. In "Modern Warfare III", OCM has been fully applied and expanded. The tasks in the game are no longer limited to linear paths, but provide a vast landscape where players can choose different paths and ways to achieve their goals according to their preferences. This open task design allows players to enjoy more degrees of freedom and challenges in the process of completing tasks.

In OCM, players need to make full use of various tactics and equipment, including stealth technology, night vision goggles, suppression weapons, armor plates, vehicles, etc., to achieve mission objectives. The flexible use of these tactics and equipment makes the combat scenes in the game more diverse and complex. At the same time, the game also introduces a multi-angle combat mechanism. Players can attack and defend from different angles according to their needs, which further increases the challenge and fun of the game.

Vehicles and equipment:
Modern Warfare III's open-ended combat missions feature a number of vehicles at the player's disposal. In addition, there will be a variety of tactical and lethal equipment to choose from, and players can choose according to their preferences.

As far as the playable space of the open combat missions goes, Activision says there will be a "pretty big landscape" for those missions. This will allow players to achieve goals in different ways. "You can really play the way you like, and open combat missions will support that," Activision said.

The plot and task design of the game itself is another important factor for OCM to attract players. The missions in the game have compact plots and ups and downs, providing players with a rich and varied gaming experience. At the same time, the mission design in the game also fully considers the characteristics of OCM. Players need to flexibly choose different tactics and equipment according to the needs of missions and changes in the scene to adapt to different combat environments. This open task design enables players to fully experience the degree of freedom and challenge in the process of completing the task.

Overall, Modern Warfare III offers players a whole new way to experience the game by introducing OCM. Players can freely choose different strategies and means to complete tasks in the game. This open task design makes the game more interesting and challenging. Modern Warfare III launches on November 10th, so if you like it, you can pre-order it!
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