Nightingale—A Survival-Building Fantasy Journey Through the Realm of the Cards

Nightingale—A Survival-Building Fantasy Journey Through the Realm of the Cards

Nightingale is an open-world game that combines building, crafting, combat, and exploration. In this game, players can not only build their favorite buildings, but also gradually discover those mysterious creatures, and struggle to survive in the dangerous journey.

Nightingale not only supports single-player gameplay, but also supports friends online, up to 6 people can support online experience.

Game graphics

Nightingale is built using the Unreal 5 engine, like the in-game volumetric cloud rendering, and Lemen's vegetation rendering, the combination of which brings a very shocking and stunning visual effect in terms of picture quality.


In the early stages, players need to spend a lot of time to collect and utilize resources and fight against enemies. Players will also need to consider the negative effects of weather and terrain and how to deal with them.

The whole process takes a bit longer and may be slightly boring for some impatient players, but after getting through this period, the whole game is amazingly playable.

One of the brightest designs in Nightingale is the Realm Cards, which, after the early stages, can greatly alleviate the fatigue that comes with frequent repetition in the later stages of a building game. Moreover, the cards will also be associated with the map scene, which can provide new area ecology, the gameplay is very interesting.

The core gameplay of the game is building, which allows players to construct buildings to avoid extreme weather, take short breaks, or cook food. The weather-related debuffs to the character can also be removed by entering a building. Early in the game, the buildings are relatively simple, but later in the game, no longer limited to functionality, these buildings will represent more artistic and design-oriented.


It is interesting to note that the weapons in Nightingale can be enchanted , like players can not only utilize the lightning-strike but also the fire to enchant so as to achieve different AOE effects, thus defeating some of the difficult enemies encountered.

Outside of the combat system, players can also utilize enchantments to improve work efficiency and speed up resource recovery. The game also matches players with an NPC assistant, who can be equipped with equipment that not only helps players gather and fight, but can even help players revive.

Realm Cards

The way in which the environment is generated by playing different cards is very unique. You will experience a different environment and fantastical creatures every time you enter a portal. Rain will be wet, and bad luck will be encountered in the sea hail, not sheltered from the downfall of your blood will be reduced. The desert will have a hot effect.

At the beginning of the game you'll set off from the Unknown Realm and open a portal by placing cards through the Realm Card Machine device. When placing cards you'll be able to see a clear overview of the realm that will spawn afterward, with the presence of factions, NPCs and merchants, as well as top level creatures and potential creatures, among other things.


Nightingale also boldly adopts the medieval Victorian style, incorporating popular elements such as "parallel worlds" and "steampunk", and with the 3A-grade picture quality brought by UE5, it builds up an unprecedented fantasy world, which also brings more freshness to players at the worldview.

After all, not many people should have seen ladies and gentlemen in Victorian costumes, with weapons in the wilderness to survive, right?