No Rest for the Wicked——A New Souls-like Game

No Rest for the Wicked——A New Souls-like Game

No Rest for the Wicked is an action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by acclaimed independent studio Moon Studios, known for their critically acclaimed titles Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


Set in a fictional kingdom in the year 841, the game begins with the death of King Harol, succeeded by his arrogant and inexperienced son Magnus. Concurrently, a malevolent plague unseen for millennia, known as the Plague of Corruption, begins to ravage the land, corrupting all life and souls it touches, plunging the kingdom into chaos and despair. Within the Church, an ambitious figure named Medzorgoselin sees the disaster as an opportunity to prove her worth to the divine.

The game takes place on Sanctuary Island, a peripheral territory that becomes a focal point of contention among various factions—rebel organizations, provincial governments, and other power brokers—vying for control amidst the ruins. Players assume the role of a member of Selim, a group of extraordinary warrior-saints sworn to eradicate the corruption at any cost. Amidst the desolate landscape, players must confront not only the spreading disease but also entanglements within a convoluted political landscape, making an already arduous mission even more challenging. The ultimate objective is to purify the corrupted land and reshape the destiny of the kingdom.

Gameplay & Features:

1.Combat System

  • Refined Controls: No Rest for the Wicked continues Moon Studios' commitment to precise control and fluid gameplay in action games, offering an intuitive and impactful combat system.
  • Weapon Diversity & Tactics: Players wield a diverse array of weapons, each with distinct movesets and fighting styles, allowing them to feel the weight and speed of these weapons in motion. Mastery of different weapons enables players to devise strategies against various enemy types.
  • Rune Augmentation & Equipment Customization: Weapons can be enchanted through a rune system, enhancing their power or granting special effects. Additionally, players can forge rare armor pieces, tailoring their gear configuration according to personal preference and combat strategy.

2.Character Progression & Party Building:

  • Customizable Characters: Players create and develop a character tailored to their preferred playstyle, shaping abilities through skill trees and equipment choices.
  • Online Co-op Mode: The game supports up to four-player online cooperative play. Friends can share the world and progress, cooperating on missions, battling bosses, or exploring independently, choosing which content to engage in together.

3.World Exploration & Environmental Interaction:

  • Diverse Environments: The game world is crafted in a distinctive, timeless art style, meticulously rendering everything from sun-dappled lowland meadows to shadowy, winding mountain passes, with every frame exuding deadly beauty.
  • Cultural Landscapes & Hidden Discoveries: Each region of Sanctuary Island has its own cultural backstory, puzzles, treasures, and secrets waiting to be uncovered by players. Deep exploration of the environment is integral to uncovering hidden stories and clues.

4.Narrative Development & Storytelling:

  • Multifaceted Plot: The story weaves together themes of combating corruption, navigating complex political relationships, and personal growth, gradually revealing characters' backstories and the world's deeper mysteries as the game progresses.
  • Dynamic Events & Decision Impact: There may be choices and dynamic events that influence the narrative trajectory, with players' actions and decisions having tangible consequences on the game world.

Release & Platform Support:

Early Access: No Rest for the Wicked launched into Early Access on Steam on April 18, 2024, allowing players to purchase and experience the game during its early development stages, with content continually refined through updates.

Full Release & Additional Platforms: The official release promises the inclusion of online multiplayer co-op and PVP content upon reaching version 1.0. Following the conclusion of the Early Access period, the game is planned for release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, extending the experience to a broader audience.


In summary, No Rest for the Wicked is a meticulously crafted ARPG from Moon Studios, combining meticulous controls, deep character customization, rich environmental exploration, and captivating storytelling. As a player assumes the role of a holy warrior in a kingdom beset by corruption, they embark on a journey of battle, cooperation, and discovery to uncover hidden truths and save a world on the brink of crisis. The game's Early Access is now live on Steam since April 18, 2024, with plans for subsequent releases on other console platforms.