Pacific Drive: A Grotesque and Diversified Driving Journey

Pacific Drive: A Grotesque and Diversified Driving Journey

In the vast world of the game, players often encounter a variety of wonderful and unique adventures, but some experiences stand out from others. Driving a vintage car through desolate roads, surrounded only by the sound of wind and the roar of wheels, as if in harmony with the wonders of nature, you will be fascinated by this driving experience.

 Pacific Drive, Ironwood Studios’ first game work, just leaves players this extraordinary gaming experience. Pacific Drive has been developed by Ironwood Studios since 2019. The game has be released on February 22, 2024.

Although you can explore this forbidden area on foot, the game is actually a multi-week survival game that focuses on driving. Although the car is initially dilapidated, you can repeatedly enter the center of the exclusion zone, finding new parts to repair it on the way. To survive the horrors ahead, you'll need to install new armor, scanners, fuel tanks, and even futuristic technology on the car.


A Driving Journey through Unknown Forbidden Areas:

The story is set in the mysterious region of the Pacific Northwest, the Olympic Exclusion Zone, an area of science fiction and fantasy that is blocked by a mysterious science project. Here mysterious phenomena and supernatural events are everywhere, players need to drive an American family car from the 80's, through this mysterious area, overcome various obstacles and dangers, uncover mysteries, and find the door to the safe area.

This game is definitely not a traditional role-playing survival game, but a thrilling journey of exploration and adventure centered on driving. Players are no longer just heading to their destination, but enjoying the entire driving process, feeling the breathing of the vehicle and the changing scenery along the way. Vehicles are not only means of transportation, but also loyal companions for players, accompanying them throughout and experiencing every adventure together.

Unique Game Mechanics, Supernatural Power

The game is played in Roguelite mode, and every entry into the forbidden zone is a new challenge. Players need to collect resources, improve vehicles and characters, and cope with increasing difficulty. The game uses a real 24-hour clock system. When the night comes, the player's visibility will be affected, resulting in increased difficulty. Therefore, players need to more carefully plan routes and use resources. There are also anomalous events due to supernatural forces, which players need to scan and observe to understand their nature in order to combat them more effectively. The number of unusual events is huge, and as the game progresses, the player needs to constantly deal with new challenges, increasing the depth and playability of the game.

Vehicle Upgrades and Maintenance, Prudent Resource Management

This game combines survival elements with maze exploration, players need to survive in a dangerous and unknown environment, and uncover the hidden mysteries of the area. Every adventure is a new test, challenging and fun. In addition, players will need to constantly upgrade and maintain the vehicle to make it more powerful and durable in harsh environments.

In the game, players can collect resources, repair vehicles, and unlock new technologies and components to improve vehicle performance. There are multiple resources to collect and utilize in the game, and players need to manage them carefully, balancing the need to improve vehicles and characters to cope with different game situations. Resource scanning allows players to better understand the surrounding environment and resource distribution, improving the strategy and challenge of the game.

The Wonderful Scenery between Mountains and Rivers with the Beautiful Music

The game beautifully recreates the stunning scenery of the American Northwest, from the perennial mist-shrouded valleys to the lush forests, every scene is captivating. Driving through this mysterious land is not only a game for the player, but also a spiritual journey.

The game's music is equally impressive, with the official handpicked music creating just the right atmosphere for players. The game music features custom licensed tracks and bands from the Pacific Northwest, adding a strong atmosphere to the game. Different styles of music make the game more diverse. When the player is driving down a country road at night, listening to the music coming from the radio, as if you are there, feel the sound of rain on the windshield, the experience is unparalleled.

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