Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - A Oasis of Classic Legacy

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and EasySMX gaming controller

"Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown" is like an oasis in the desert, excelling in two classic elements of the "Prince of Persia" series: platforming and combat. By designing the entire game in a 2D perspective, "The Lost Crown" allows for precise and flexible controls, delivering an excellent gaming experience without missing the crucial aspects.

The game primarily revolves around a new storyline based on Persian mythology, offering an adventurous journey filled with cool characters, although some plot elements may vary in detail and presentation as you explore labyrinthine maps. Nonetheless, it retains some of the original flavor: you play as a swift and highly skilled protagonist, tasked with exploring a vast and desolate place filled with deadly traps, various soldiers, and monsters. You must rely on your strength and wit to overcome all challenges while dealing with an ongoing curse.Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and EasySMX gaming controller

The story focuses on the Undying Legion, an organization composed of seven warriors resembling superheroes, sent to rescue the kidnapped Persian Prince Gassan in the legendary Mount Jafr. You take on the role of Salgan, the youngest and most vibrant member of the team, striving to establish a place for yourself in the Undying Legion and pursue his mentor, who is responsible for the kidnapping. This character undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the adventurous journey.

Salgan is a fierce and agile warrior, and while you unlock new skills as the game progresses, he starts as a formidable fighter. In fact, "The Lost Crown" places a significant emphasis on providing players with a wide array of combat tools, which is a crucial factor in the game's success. Since the game's combat emphasizes speed, quick reactions, and exploiting your advantages, battles with enemies become engaging, just like exploring vast maps.

The game places a stronger focus on melee combat experience. In the combat system of this game, you often have to move at almost dangerous speeds. Salgan's speed is his greatest advantage, and even the most basic enemies should not be underestimated. While it's generally a good idea to learn about the enemy's attack patterns, the best approach is usually to keep moving and maintain continuous attacks, striking a fine balance.Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and EasySMX gaming controller

In addition to regular attacks, upward and downward strikes, and aerial maneuverability, Salgan has a range of other moves, including dodges and slides, as well as powerful charged attacks that can be canceled at any time. You can adapt these moves flexibly depending on the situation and the type of enemy you're facing.

"The Lost Crown" offers four difficulty options, along with a custom difficulty setting where you can adjust enemy health, damage, and parry window size. The combat in the game feels satisfying and challenging, and I look forward to starting a new playthrough on a more difficult mode to test my skills.

Salgan's special "Flame Burst" abilities feature stunning animations. You can unlock more "Flame" abilities as the story progresses, and you must fill the "Flame" energy gauge by continuously attacking enemies. These abilities allow you to throw multiple enemies into the air and create a healing stance, or launch a powerful arrow. Each ability has its own spectacular cutscene, showcasing the immense power you unleash.Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and EasySMX gaming controller

However, compared to regular combat, the boss battles in the game are even more remarkable. All the rules of regular combat apply to boss fights, including blocking attacks and triggering counterattacks, but bosses also have various abilities, such as unblockable attacks and their own "Flame" skills. Players must become familiar with their attack patterns and dodge in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the game offers exciting platforming challenges. Like combat, the platforming in "The Lost Crown" is exceptionally well-designed. Your skills come into play, and you can cleverly maneuver around obstacles without the need for specific unlocks.

During the course of the game, you'll continuously unlock new abilities, most of which will be familiar to fans of the "Metroidvania" genre, such as double jumping, mid-air dashing, and wall-grabbing. While the platforming in "The Lost Crown" may not introduce groundbreaking mechanics, it excels in providing a well-polished experience. Well-designed and challenging levels encourage you to use your positioning to avoid swinging blades and spikes, and each area has its unique style, enemy types, and design concepts, making revisiting locations a non-monotonous experience.Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and EasySMX gaming controller

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown not only captures the essence of games like "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" but also adeptly solves some of the minor issues that plagued the 3D games in the series by adopting a 2D perspective. The game's combat system is exhilarating, with tight and satisfying controls, coupled with stunning visuals and atmosphere, making it a worthy successor to the "Prince of Persia" series. While the plot may occasionally seem convoluted, the fast-paced combat, well-crafted mechanics, and immersive ambiance elevate Salgan's journey in "The Lost Crown," making it a game worth trying.