Princess Peach Showtime!

Princess Peach Showtime!

Game Type: Action Pass


Release Date: 2024/03/22


Production and Distribution: Nintendo


Game Platform: Switch


The protagonist of the game is not Mario or Zelda, but Princess Peach.

Princess Peach is often remembered as the dainty princess who was captured by Bowser and only cried out "Mario, help me".

As those of you who have played a lot of Nintendo games may know, Princess Peach is not as weak as she looks.

She has also fought alongside Mario in Mario RPG, saved Mario from being held captive by Bowser in Super Princess Peach, and eventually became the courageous and resourceful Mario Mentor in Mario Movie.

In fact, this image shift has a lot to do with the increased status of women in the modern era. Princess Peach has been transformed into a warrior woman who can stand on her own, a woman of both wisdom and beauty, and courage. Without Mario, the Princess reveals her strong character and transforms into more images, which is a great example of an independent woman. This is a game with Princess Peach as the protagonist, adding a glamorous dress-up system to make the character look even better and more three-dimensional.

This is a platform action game that focuses on side-scrolling through the stages. The story follows Princess Peach, who goes to the theatre with the Toad to see a show, not realizing that the theatre has been suddenly taken over by a wicked sorceress named Grape and her minions, the Sour Bunch. And that the stages have been messed up.

Princess Peach then meets Stella, the Sparkle Theater's guardian, and agrees to help her to restore the theater.

The initial princess has 5 hearts of blood, which drops when she runs into a monster. Defaulting ribbon attack, no more lag for jumping, but players can transform to get stronger abilities such as the ninja's kick wall jump.

You'll be able to collect ten stars and a number of coins per level, and dying once consumes 10 coins to revive, similar to the Mario’s setup.

Peach's main movements are jump and attack. And depending on each stage character, the attacks change, such as the swordsman's stabbing attack, the ninja's dash, and so on. In addition to this, each figure also has their own special abilities, with the ninja being able to hide in the bushes to avoid being detected by enemies.

The game uses a pseudo-3D-like gameplay, which is basically a side-scrolling overworld, but also has a vertical dimension, which generally opens up new scenarios and searching for hidden collectibles.

However, there is no perspective switching, and you can only use your intuition to confirm enemy orientation, which can make players confused sometimes.

There are only two types of action keys, attack and jump. When the swordsman fights, some monsters will have a body, you need to dodge the attack, and then counter-attack, which is like "Link Time" a bit, the timing needs to be adapted to a bit.

Other characters, such as the detective's searching, the mermaid's singing, and the cake maker's buttercream squeezing, all have a variety of forms.

The game's levels are relatively short, with 10 levels in the lobby and upstairs, or 12 if you include the bosses on each level, and you can basically get through a level in about 5 minutes. Each level is designed to match the character's abilities, with some being stealthy actions, some being authentic battles, and even some being flying shooters.

The creativity can be ample, but with each figure roughly falling into three categories - basic level, advanced level, and boss battle - lacking further depth.

Boss battles, like Nintendo's previous games, use the classic three-attack victory method, which means you hit the boss three times to win.

Generally speaking, the game is still fun to play, Princess Peach's dress-up images are all beautiful and you can buy your own colour scheme, even female gamers and kids will enjoy it.


The scenes and characters are rich in detail, like Chino Bio helping the princess push the suitcase, the ninja taking leaves to block his stealth, the princess pinched the hem of her skirt when she trotted, which are all quite interesting!