Rumors, Specs, Price, Release Date...Everything We Know So Far about Nintendo Switch 2

Rumors, Specs, Price, Release Date...Everything We Know So Far about Nintendo Switch 2

It has been 6 years since Nintendo Switch was released, but it is still popular with people. Based on the aging hardware, Nintendo may already work on its new console hardware development. We also have heard some rumors and some clues to prove that.

Will there be a Nintendo Switch 2?

Amidst the disappointment, the gaming community has reason to remain optimistic. Recent online rumors have ignited discussions about the potential launch of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024. Notably, a Nintendo job listing hints at the long-speculated existence of the console, suggesting it will be a powerhouse boasting "high-performance" capabilities.

The job listing originates from the Nintendo European Research & Development (NERD) team in Paris, France, seeking an engineer with game development experience. While most of the content adheres to standard templates, the "Responsibilities" section offers tantalizing insights into the next-generation Switch. The listing highlights the need for someone capable of "exploring, defining, and implementing software solutions" and explicitly references "high-performance implementation," hinting at a substantial leap forward in power. These claims align with prior reports suggesting that Nvidia's cutting-edge technology will feature in the next iteration of Nintendo's gaming console.

Nintendo Switch 2: Secret Specification

What Screen will Nintendo Switch 2 use?

Sharp CEO Robert Wu announced that the company was working with an unnamed company to produce LCD screens for a new console in May 2023. While it was speculated that this might relate to a 'Switch 2', it's also possibly related to Sony's Project Q streaming device for PS5.

Here’s the full podcast to check:

And according to a gaming tipper informed claims - NateTheHate, the Nintendo would still use LCD rather than OLED, but it would come with a bigger size of 8-inch display and 512GB storage. And that was confirmed by Andy Robinson at Video Games Chronicle, who claims to have sources with knowledge of Nintendo’s new console plans. 

What Chip will Nintendo Switch 2 use?

Nintendo would probably use a system-on-a-chip from Nvidia, likely some next-generation take on the aged Tegra X1 chip found in the current Switch. It is not surprised if Nintendo got a custom chipset from Nvidia as well, given the success and scope of the Switch. 

But advancements by AMD, as seen with the Stream Deck, could put Team Red with an outside chance of providing the silicon for a next-generation Switch.

What new features will Nintendo Switch have?

We got less materials about what new features that new console will include, but we can still have some reasonable guesswork. The joy-con is alway been a annoying problem for switch gamer due to its durability. We expect to see Nintendo can improve this problem so gamer can suffer less from potential drift problem, get more precise on the games.

What the Price of Nintendo Switch 2 will be?

As for price, the Nintendo Switch OLED comes in at $349. So we would have a guess and say a new Switch would sit around that price point, especially if it does indeed upgrade the joy-con and come with a bigger screen.

When will Nintendo Switch release?

According to Nintendo's annual financial report president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed there are no plans to release any hardware during the next fiscal year. This means we could expect the Switch 2 will release sometime after March 2024. 

What’s more, we also got a message from a CMOS sensor provider, which has Nintendo as a customer. They said that "Japanese game console" is due to launch in early 2024. We can expect that is Nintendo Switch 2

Although the many reports suggest that a launch in 2024 is being targeted, but sources with "knowledge of Nintendo's next-gen console plans" reveal Nintendo is planning for a release date in the second half of next year.

So, what are your expectations for the Nintendo Switch 2? In which features would you like to see upgrades and enhancements?